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Mike Koenigs Television Appearances

Here's a TV appearance from San Diego CW Channel 6 – it' a bit of my backstory and how one of my customers, Emma Tiebens has built a social media and speaking business using our tools, training and resources.

The feature is barely 3 minutes in length – very short and called “Instant Customer“.

Here's the excerpt from the San Diego CW Channel 6 web site:

By San Diego 6 News Reporters

If you blinked, you would have missed the town Mike Koenigs grew up in…. population 763… Eagle Lake, Minnesota. He dreamed of leaving small town, USA, and heading out west ever since he can remember. At 14, he discovered his high tech talent for computers. This helped him high tail it out of Eagle Lake, move to San Diego, open his own company, Instant Customer, and paved the way to a multi-million dollar career. Meet the man behind Instant Customer and find out how he can get your business in the spotlight.

This is an article from an interview I did during “Earth Day” this year about my Tesla Roadster and how I've managed to “live off the grid” without buying gas or electricity at home now for two years!

It's a pretty good interview – and I have my friend, Clint Arthur to thank for hooking me up!


An Interview With John Lee Dumas- Life on Fire

John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire with Mike Koenigs

John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire with Mike Koenigs at Digital Cafe Studios