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The Mike Koenigs Show Episode 018

How are you going to be remembered? Dare to be BOLD and learn from the expert that will help you monetize the thing about you that will make an impact and create your legacy. Get the plan of action you need to bring the ONE thing you were meant to do to reality with Steve Olsher AND get his book “What is Your What” FREE at www.MrBz.com/What

For the You Everywhere Now Tip of the week, we have the 10 Habits of Serial Entrepreneurs. For more great tips visit www.YEN.tv

Mike also passes on words of wisdom from past guests JJ Virgin and John Assaraf in this segment with his You Everywhere Now Tip of the Week: Top 10 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs.

The Howard Stern of Personal Development, Steve Olsher, says it like it is and can help you identify what puts fire in your soul. Successful entrepreneurs are the ones that have figured out exactly what they are great at and then figured out the vehicle to sell it to the masses. So what are you waiting for? Get Steve’s book “What is Your What” FREE.


What is the Mike Koenigs Show and Why Should You Watch It?

Are you a motivated entrepreneur who wants an extra edge? Do you want to get smarter, richer and more famous? Are you constantly reinventing yourself – seeking new ways to amplify your productivity, body, health, investing, business and marketing skills? Are you tired of “fluff” and want real strategies to get earn more, live more, and give more?

If that’s you, then welcome home!

Past studio guests include Academy Award-Winning Actor Richard Dreyfuss, The Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort, Celebrity Nutrition Expert and NY Times #1 Bestselling Author JJ Virgin, Chairman of Bulletproof Coffee Dave Asprey, Star of the Movie The Secret John Assaraf, Celebrity Fitness Coach Chalene Johnson, Host of EOFire/Entrepreneur On Fire John Lee Dumas, Expert App Developer Chad Mureta, Relationship Expert Susan Bratton, 7-Figure Podcaster Pat Flynn, Online Marketer Alex Mandossian, Success Magazine publisher Darren Hardy, Tim Ferriss, Self-Help Author and Motivational Speaker Sean Stephenson, Queen of Sales Conversion Lisa Sasevich, Co-Author of Make Market Launch IT Pam Hendrickson, Garrett Gunderson Founder of Wealth Factory, Backstage Buzz creator Andrew Lock,  Allison Maslan of Allison Maslan International, CEO of NextGen Michael Davidson, CEO, Digital Marketer, Roland Frasier, The Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, Heart Core Business CEO, Shanda Sumpter and more!


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