What if you could control and amplify your LUCK? How would that change your life and business? How much more money would you make? How many more exotic vacations would you take? What celebrities would you meet? What kind of cool car would you buy? How quickly would you get through the line at the READ MORE

I am SO EXCITED to introduce my new podcast, “The Big Leap” with the legendary transformational leader, Gay Hendricks!  This podcast is about those turning points -- the single decisions in life and business that change everything because the difference between stagnation and success lies in the READ MORE

The last 3 months have been unprecedented and unsettling to say the least, wouldn’t you agree? The entire world has changed FOREVER in almost every imaginable way in just the blink of an eye. But rather than freaking out wouldn’t it be amazing if you could embrace the changes and use them to READ MORE

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