Alex Bates

What Mike Did:

“We’re On The Verge Of Becoming Superhuman” – Alex Bates is obsessed with artificial intelligence and neural networks. He built and sold an AI company, MTELL which pioneered machine learning in industrial diagnostics. That’s the technobabble. Alex is all about augmenting people to become superhuman. I helped him craft his core story around human transformation, not things, about being, not doing which resulted in messaging that cuts through straight to your soul. Armed with the message, clarity and confidence, in just six months, Alex wrote and published the #1 international best selling author of “Augmented Mind: AI, Superhumans, and the Next Economic Revolution”, got media trained and expanded his platform to a new web site and is in the process of expanding his reach through speaking, podcasts, “Neocortex Ventures”, his incubator and “Global Mind”, an elite AI and Machine Intelligence mastermind group.

Figure/stat improvement: Acceleration, amplification and elevation. In just six months, Alex is branded, a #1 international bestselling author, has a brand-representative website, messaging, is media trained, has citations and visibility on Entrepreneur, Reuters, The Boston Globe, Yahoo Finance, CBS, NBC and Fox. We also developed an offer for his new mastermind group.


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