Food and Beverage

I'm a huge advocate of healthy, life-changing food and beverage products.

In 2016 I met Dave Asprey and became an early stage investor in Bulletproof Coffee and began serving as a business and marketing advisor to Dave.

In addition to improving health, saving and changing lives, what I love about food and beverage are exit the events – the multiples are huge! When a big CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) organization acquires a company, they can provide distribution worldwide immediately which results in huge wins for the investors.

I'm frequently approached by food/beverage companies to create branding, messaging, investor presentations, and to serve as an ambassador and advocate during fundraising and marketing events.

If you want to accelerate, amplify and elevate your product, let’s connect.

I serve as a business and marketing advisor to Dave Asprey. FullREAD MORE

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Björn Öste, the founder of Good Idea Beverages, is also co-founder ofREAD MORE

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