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Want to Change the World While You Work? So many of us want to make a difference, yet through the relentless overwhelm of running a business, we’re making a dying instead of a living. And still, we’re dying to make a difference.

One of the most unique and fulfilling components of my work, and what I have coached otehrs on, is how to change the world while you work. My companies have integrated humanitarian nonprofit philanthropy fundraising in our business activities and events. Our first effort raised $100,000.00 in two days, and 100% of that money was given to the Just Like My Child Foundation (full disclosure, my wife of 18 years, Vivian Glyck, is the founder).

The fundraising system we created has been replicated and used on stages including those of J.J. Virgin, Lisa Sasevich, Allison Malan, Shanda Sumpter, Jeff Walker, Brendon Burchard, and many others.

Vivian Glyck, the founder of the Just Like My Child Foundation, wrote a book called How to Change the World While You Work: The Ultimate Strategy for Using Philanthropy to Build Your Business (get it free here) that describes the fundraising model. Over the past 12 years, my businesses and I have contributed and raised over $2.6mm.

And we’ve definitely made contribution a “family business.” In fact, one of the best lessons that I teach is how to save your kids from the insane self-absorption of social media “selfie-dom” by allowing them to feel the fulfillment of lifting up others. My son, Zak raised over $30,000 for his Bar Mitzvah and gave 100% of that money to the foundation to build a library in Namumira, Uganda, an impoverished community where Just Like My Child built a school. In 2018, as a family, we celebrated my wife's 31st trip, my son's fifth, and my sixth to the village where we were greeted by hundreds of children and families whose lives have been saved and changed by the work Just Like My Child Foundation has done.

As a business owner, whenever you and your organization get behind a cause, it creates loyalty with your customers, decreases churn and your customers will spend more with you. I’m a firm believer in partnering with nonprofits, charities and philanthropic organizations and I can help you build a business model, offer and the marketing language and tools you need to inspire your clients and customers to give. You really can Change the World While You Work!

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