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At age 14 I started writing code, at 16 I started my first consulting company and at 18 I was writing commercial code. I quickly realized I really loved marketing and started combining those two interests.

Since then I've built and sold four companies: Digital Cafe, one of the world’s first digital marketing agencies, two software companies: Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer and “You Everywhere Now”, a digital training and event business.

The beauty of combining software services with recurring income, training and big-ticket services allows you to scale quickly, generate significant cash flow and grow your business without outside capital.

If you have a business or want to build one that combines software, creativity, marketing and SaaS (software as service), let’s have a conversation.

This is a list of several of my past businesses and accomplishments that revolve around software and software as a service.

Traffic Geyser was originally launched in 2005 and represented the first automatedREAD MORE

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Digital Cafe was one of the first interactive digital marketing agencies inREAD MORE

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