“Help Me Name My New Book” – Survey Results are IN!

Publish And Profit - A 5-Step System For Attracting Paying Coaching And Consulting Clients, Traffic And Leads, Product Sales and Speaking Engagements

Wookies, Johnny Carson, Bruce Willis, abducted by ALIENS, Wynton Marsalis…and a MADAM! (I promise, this will make sense shortly). Dear friend, Thank you for taking time to take the survey. As promised, I’ll be giving you a copy of my new book in the next two days for the help and support you shared. I’m…

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#1 Bestseller! You Everywhere Now: Get Your Message, Products and Services In Front of Your Target Prospects and in Every Pocket, Screen, Car and Television In The World with the Help of the Largest Brands

You Everywhere Now

  I believe we live in the greatest moment in human history. With the click of a button, you can communicate and interact with more than 80% of the connected planet. Mobile and online technology are disrupting virtually every business and government in the world. At the same time, these technologies are raising the standard…

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What I learned from consulting with Tony Robbins

“Mike, Proximity is power” – that’s what Tony told me after we spent an afternoon together when I set up his home video studio and showed him how to record and upload videos from his house in Palm Springs a few years ago. What I think Tony meant with the “proximity” statement was how important…

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The 5 Myths About Capturing Leads – Best Practices for Any Business to Get Traffic, Attract Prospects and Build a List in Under an Hour

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Nearly every small business owner, entrepreneur, author, expert, speaker, consultant and coach I meet suffers from one or all of these major marketing challenges: no list, no leads, no prospects. That’s generally for one (or all) of these three reasons: They just don’t know any better They’re confused, overwhelmed or don’t know what technology and…

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What was the sentence that changed my sister’s life?

My sister, Ellen, a mother of five who home schools, was trying to figure out how to make a million dollars selling $20 ebooks. Believe me, she needed the extra income and she didn’t have years to figure out how to get it… I taught her a simple concept that shifted her thinking and turned…

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