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I want to give you the secrets & tools you need to have a breakthrough…

"Breakthrough Vision... Is the Ability to See the Invisible, and Make What Seemed Impossible Today, An Economic Reality - By The End of The Week!"

— Mike Koenigs,
Founder, Superpower Accelerator

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Attendees Will Receive

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  2. Notes from Mike
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Who Should Attend?

We work with successful people who have an "itch they can't seem to scratch."
People who want more, a lot more - from their lives and businesses.

Intelligent CEOs, Founders, & B2B Entrepreneurs who are in a hurry
to get things done and see results as quickly as possible.

Do any of these describe you?

You're looking to "create & add a NEW $1,000,000+ income stream to your current business" from assets you already have.

You have unique talents and knowledge, and "you want to create a new $1,000,000+ business."

You have come to that time in life when "you are looking to create your ultimate legacy business" to be of service to more people and help transform the world.

What's Going To Be Covered?

Mike will share the 6 secrets he uses to consistently create multi-million dollar results for his clients in 3 days. He is going to take you through them step-by-step.

When you put these secrets to work, magic happens, and you're on your way to become what Mike calls a Category of One!

Q: What does a "Category of One" mean?

A: When you are a Category of One, you are recognized in your industry - as being so unique and unequaled you have NO competition, and prospects approach you with their checkbooks in hand - saying,"I already know I want to
work with you. How do we begin?"

Q: What does this mean for you and your business?

A: The world knows "YOU are so Valuable," and your "OFFER is so compelling" that:

  • You can increase your prices 5-10-25 times more than you're charging now
  • Industry Leaders, Influencers, and Ambassadors gladly recommend you to their tribes
  • You'll be recognized as being so unique & valuable - you can't be outsourced or replaced
  • No one can steal your product or service and make it their own
  • You transform lives for your clients on multiple levels, and people love you for it
  • You get to spend 99% of your time doing what you love, with people you love to work with
  • You're positioned so you never have to work with idiots, assholes, or fools again
  • Your life is fulfilling and fun again!

"Our Job Is To Make That Happen for YOU - As Quickly As Possible!"

One of the hardest things for most people to wrap their heads around is how quickly we ACCELERATE our clients' progress and set them up for IMMEDIATE RESULTS.

The truth is - "We get more done in 48 hours than most can in 6-18 months because we implement and execute immediately."

Do These 6 Business Creation Secrets Really Work?

Category 1 - You want to create a NEW $1,000,000+ income stream to your current business:

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Gui Costin | Founder / CEO - Dakota.com

Gui Costin: We finally found the hidden opportunity.

  • Since 2006 Dakota has raised $40 Billion for their clients in the financial industry.
  • In their core business, NOTHING is bought, all their services are SOLD through a 9-month to 10-year sales cycle.
  • The CRM DataBase Information they continually data mine has 2-3 highly profitable, additional vertical markets waiting to be optimized... Unfortunately they kept getting stuck, until they worked with Mike.

Focusing on secrets 3-4-5.

  • We produced "Dakota Sales."  A new digital training product that re-purposed their intellectual property - into a NEW recurring revenue stream.
  • This new income stream changes the business model from a pure services model to a replicable, scalable one that can serve thousands of clients.

Gui's Comments

  • "In terms of working with you guys... the day ended up at a 20 out of 10. And the main reason is you allowed me to see stuff that I wouldn't have otherwise seen - and it's just that simple."
  • If you have the time to come and work with their team, I recommend you do it now."
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Mike Koenigs team provided image

Connie Wittich | Founder - Metropolitan Studio

Connie Wittich: From Under-Appreciated to Over-Booked.

  • Would this frustrate you?
    • You're incredible at your profession.
    • You've won multiple US and international awards in your industry.
    • You approach projects in a "Totally Unique Way" that not only helps your clients dazzle their customers, it elevates them above their competition and makes them a lot of money.

"BUT only 1 in 5 of your proposals gets accepted, even from people who know your work."

Concentrating on secrets 1-4-6. Here's how Connie is doing now.

  • "My business has taken off and we win 9 out of 10 projects without having to compete with other firms.
  • I added $6M in new business in 3 weeks. "It was a powerful two days with all of you!" - Connie Wittich, Aug 15th email.
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Category 2 - You want to create a new $1,000,000+ business:

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Justin Donald | Founder - JustinDonald.com

Justin Donald: The Genius No One Knew - Until He Met Mike

Justin is a quiet family man who went from being a completely unknown personal investor, to Entrepreneur Magazine calling him the "Warren Buffett of Lifestyle Investing."

  • Justin had a personal investing process that made him millions, and he wanted to share it, but he didn't know how.

Focusing on secrets 3-4-5-6. Mike created a plan with Justin that created these results.

  • They crafted a $50,000 and $250,000 offer and a platform in just two days and onboarded two clients! That's $500,000 in income the first week.
  • In eight months, Justin enrolled over $1 million in new business.
  • His new book hit #1 on the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon the week it was published.
  • His new podcast is in the top 1% on iTunes.
  • He’s generating over 1,000 inquiries and opportunities per month and has access to nearly anyone he wants in the financial world.

Making the decision to work with Mike and his team accelerated everything... "Mike is a Superpower Accelerator." - Justin Donald

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Joey Osborne | Founder - Sell My Business

Joey: Helping Founders Sell Their Businesses to Private Equity Firms

  • Joey wanted to help other entrepreneurs avoid the mistakes he made selling his business.
    • He founded The Mosquito Authority in 2009 with a hand-painted sign in his front yard.
    • His creative thinking turned it into 450 franchises in 38 states generating over $60M in annual revenue. That business was so good that private equity firms came calling.

Joey lost his first buyer and a "7 figure exit" deal, but he kept grinding and learning the right way to work with private equity companies.

His second attempt resulted in an "8 figure exit," and Joey only sold part of the business. When his private equity partner sells out, he is in line to to get an even bigger payday.

Joey wanted to train entrepreneurs how to sell their businesses and get top dollar, and he wanted to open his massive rolodex and match sellers with his private equity contacts. BUT he didn't know how.

Concentrating on secrets 1-4-5-6.
Mike and Joey were able to make Joey's new dream a reality in just a few days. 

  • Joey has created the training, website, and the messaging to make it all happen.

"I've known Mike for years, but it wasn't until we worked together on this project that I saw how FAST he gets things done. He hasn't opened my eyes about promoting and optimizing opportunities in today's competitive digital market place." - Joey 


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Category 3 - You want to create your ultimate legacy business:

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Charlie Epstein | Creator & Talent "Yield of Dreams: Paychecks for Life" Edutainment Show

Charlie Epstein: "I want to make money funny!"

Charlie had an amazing and highly profitable career as a financial guru and educator. He’s known nationally as the 401(k) Coach and has trained over 10,000 financial advisors in the retirement space.

But Charlie wanted more, he wanted to make a BIG impact on the world.

  • My ministry in life," Charlie says, "is to ease people’s pain and suffering about their money and to show them the path they can take to achieve their dreams and aspirations.”
  • Overcoming the16 outdated myths about money holding millions of people back.
  • "In my business, all financial planners say the same thing. Save. Save. Save. It's boring and no one hears you.
  • After 40+ years I've learned 85% of people in America either don't know or don't want to know anything about money or how to invest it.

“I want to change that with humor and edutainment."

When Charlie and Mike started working together all Charlie had - was an idea and an empty notebook.

By laser focusing on secrets 1-3-4.

  • Mike & Charlie found the key to Charlie's dream, by putting together a one man comedy show that would eventually be called “Yield of Dreams."
    • Mike reached out to a professional comedian to assemble a “writer’s room” -- a team of comedians with television and stand-up experience who could help transform Epstein’s anecdotes and stories into a cohesive show.
    • It took us about two days to get the core stories out of Epstein’s head and write the show.
    • After six months of editing and assembling his life story in a genuinely entertaining way, it's now being performed live on stage.
    • The intellectual property and story has been extended into an app, digital course, animated series and documentary that was produced at the original “Field of Dreams” in Iowa.
    • It’s a True Category of One Brand that is funny, fun and capitalizes on Charlie’s Superpower.

“Mike saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself.
He has an amazing gift of finding the right people, knowing
what’s possible and creating amazing collaborations.

If you’re looking for a miracle to happen in your life, Mike’s your man.
He’ll create a miracle for you too.”

Charlie Epstein

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