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Book a call to discuss collaborating together, and find ways to improve your messaging, positioning, branding, packaging, improving your sales process, or growing your personal brand like we have with Justin Donald (the Lifestyle Investor guy), Charlie Einstein (the only Financial Advisor in the World with a One-Man Play), or Gui Costin from, Joey Osborne, or hundreds of other people in the financial world.

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"Mike is an extraordinary man.
He’s brought me insights on how to reach people on the Internet that are so valuable.
This is a man you should deal with.
Take advantage of what he has to offer."

- Tony Robbins

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Trusted by Major Brands

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Strategic Coach, is “the recognized worldwide leader in entrepreneurial coaching” with over 3,000 active clients worldwide. They sell to a sophisticated audience. I’ve been a member for nearly a decade and have known the founders Dan Sullivan and Babs Smith for over 15 years.

We dug through nearly 150,000 leads, over 3,000 clients, and hundreds of data points. We interviewed key leaders in the organization. We created new systems for accelerating sales including a six-minute “Day in the Life” transformational story and six-minute video.

"This is the finest piece of marketing material Strategic Coach has had in 31 years.
It’s a work of art. Thank you."

Dan Sullivan, Founder of Strategic Coach


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Gui Costin from Dakota has raised over $35 billion for their clients in the financial industry. However, scaling their business is difficult. We produced “Dakota Sales”, a new training product to turn their Intellectual Property into recurring revenue and a platform to grow brand value. This new income stream changes the business model from a service model to be replicable and scalable to serve thousands of clients.

“I first met Mike about a year ago, I almost didn't work with him because I had no idea what a Superpower Accelerator was but after I talked to him and watched him at a few events, I realized this guy really knows what he's talking about.

So I threw my hat into the ring and I have to tell you… it's one of the happiest things I've ever done. He and his team really know what they're doing. We had an enormous amount of breakthroughs, and I guarantee you'll get a really high return on your investment.”

Gui Costin, Founder,


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In eight months, he enrolled over $1 million in new business. His book hit #1 on the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon the week it was published. His podcast is in the top 1% on iTunes. He’s generating over 1,000 inquiries and opportunities per month and has access to nearly anyone he wants in the financial world.

Crafted a $50,000 and $250,000 offer and a platform in just two days and onboarded two clients! Mike is truly a Superpower Accelerator.

Justin Donald


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Project Moonshot Founder and my son, Zak

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Imagine if America’s Got Talent, Shark Tank, and Y Combinator had a baby to give 14-to-24-year-olds an opportunity to pitch a world-changing idea to a panel of Venture Capitalists, celebrity influencers, business mentors, and major brands. Winners receive a prize of $500,000 -- half for continued education and half as a seed investment. Imagine if you were a young person and got an experienced VC to start your business, a celebrity influencer to launch to millions of followers, a business mentor to provide the wisdom and character to be successful, and a major brand to support your infrastructure. Where would you be now if you had a seat at the table, resources, mentorship, an audience of millions and the capabilities you do now 20-30 years ago?

We’ve been responsible for the name, logo, branding, pitch, business model, and “Moonshot Live”. A free concert that could be the largest digital online event in history. Project Moonshot is a true Category of One Brand that can change the world with Gen Z’s help.

“Mike and the Superpower Accelerator team took an idea and turned it into a business idea, pitch, gave it substance, a catchy name, hook and identity in days... I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Mike Carpernter, Project Moonshot


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Project Moonshot Founder and my son, Zak

The challenge most financial advisors and wealth managers face is that most of them sell “plain vanilla run of the mill offers.“ Charlie Epstein is special: he has a background in theater, comedy, and improv. He wanted to make money funny, eliminate money myths and attract clients to work with him in a completely different way.

We assembled a “writer’s room” of professional standup comedians to write a business play. Charlie Epstein is NOW the only financial advisor in the world with a one-man comedy show, “Yield of Dreams: Paychecks for Life.” The intellectual property and story has been extended into an app, digital course, animated series and documentary that was produced at the original “Field of Dreams” in Iowa. It’s a True Category of One Brand that is funny, fun and capitalizes on Charlie’s Superpower.

“Mike saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. He has an amazing gift of finding the right people, knowing what’s possible and creating amazing collaborations. If you’re looking for a miracle to happen in your life, Mike’s your man. He’ll create a miracle for you too.”

Charlie Epstein


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Misty Lown spent decades in the dance industry, coaching 300 dance studios… We repositioned and repackaged her as a visionary force in the Multibillion-Dollar Face-to-Face Studio Industry bringing reinvention, personalization, and virtualization to Dance, Gymnastics, Yoga, Karate, Pilates, Spin Studios and more. We helped her achieve the impossible: differentiation in a fiercely competitive and challenging market during a global pandemic! We featured her in Entrepreneur with the hook, "the Sara Blakely of the studio industry".

“Mike Koenigs is a living library. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, he can pull the right resource and connection to solve nearly any business problem. His experience and breadth of knowledge can take you anywhere you want to go.”

Misty Lown

Listen to What Other Business Leaders Say About The Superpower Accelerator Founder Mike Koenigs and Team

Dan Sullivan

He’s passionately interested that that person should experience the transformation that’s actually appropriate for their life, for their unique abilities and unique skills.

Tony Robbins

Mike is an extraordinary man. He’s brought me insights on how to reach people on the Internet that are so valuable. This is a man you should deal with. Take advantage of what he has to offer.

Ben Hardy

He’s coached me, he is very good helping leaders understand who they are and their message and getting themselves to the place where they need to be.

Lee Richter

He inspires people, he shares knowledge, he makes connections but more than all, more than anything, he shares himself and that what is matters the most.

Allison Maslan

I’m just so grateful to know this man, I cannot recommend him highly enough for you, for your business, for you growth and what else can I say… He is awesome!

Justin Donald

Mike was able to extrapolate information from my brain and create content out of it. I'm a huge believer.

Dan Sullivan, Founder of Strategic Coach said “this is the finest piece of marketing material Strategic Coach has had in 31 years. It’s a work of art.”

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"There are those who lead and those who follow and then there are trend creators. Mike is a true leader who uses his creative genius and relentless pursuit of new frontiers and technologies to change the landscape of what is possible and usable in today’s crazy, ever-changing business landscape.”

- John Assaraf

NY Times Bestselling Author, CEO

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Mike Koenigs is a total badass. He's one of my trusted advisors and an early stage investor who I rely on for cutting-edge marketing and business advice. Whenever you have a chance to put him on your stage, do it.

- Dave Asprey

Founder of Bulletproof, 2x New York Best-Selling Author

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Mike Koenigs is a master of helping transformational entrepreneurs like me go out, get our message out to the world, and then give us the tools so we can go change lives and be role models to change everyone's lives.

- JJ Virgin

4x New York Times Best-Selling Author, 3x Inc 5000 Founder

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Mike can make you a lot of money. Mike is a ninja with marketing strategies. He has so much insight and has overcome impossible odds that he can share with any audience.

- Joe Polish

Founder of Genius Network

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I feel very blessed to have Mike Koenigs as a friend and in my personal and business life… It’s guys like HIM that keep me sharp… More people need to engage in Mike’s teachings - quite amazing!


Best-Selling Author, Speaker

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It’s incredibly rare to find someone who understands both marketing AND technology. Mike not only knows how to create killer video, he’s also built the modern “push button” technology to get those videos out to the internet instantly.


The Superpower Accelerator helps you find and monetize value in your business you don’t a reliable, predictable way.

It's your turn. It’s your time. Schedule a discovery conversation right now. We'll get to know you, your business and identify how we can collaborate to innovate and create an elevated version of you that amplifies and multiplies your business and impact.

Ask yourself -- how many lost opportunities and time will you miss if you hesitate any longer? What happens to you while your competition takes action before you do?

We’re looking forward to finding new ways to monetize your value, grow your business and turn your unique superpower into a Category of One brand in a unique, engaging and transformational way that will satisfy your soul.

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Mike Koenigs

La Jolla, California, USA

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Randy Hartnell


“Amazing Value!”

“Mike's programs deliver amazing value--plus he's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Five stars on both counts!”

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Brian Prendergast


“Solid and Consistent!”

I've followed many Internet marketers during the past 10 years. Mike is the only one that I still follow today. His message is solid and consistent. His enthusiasm is so contagious that I get excited every time he comes out with a new product.

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Lisa Miller Cini


“Clarity and Brilliance!”

“Mike is a genius, rarely do you meet a down to earth person that provides clarity and brilliance in a simple, formulated package which gives you the confidence to move forward. Get everything he has to offer!”

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Robert Feltham


“Easily Implementable!”

The knowledge and trainings that Mike provides is setting the standard for the industry; he is a breathe of fresh air, and one of those rare individuals who provides us with real world examples that are easily implementable !

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Josh Wheeler


“New Opportunities!”

Mike has helped my business expand into new markets and take advantage of new opportunities. If you are looking to grow your business, I'd recommend to check out any programs or training that Mike has available. It's paid dividends for my business and I know it will for yours as well.

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Terry Brandon


“On Fire To Help!”

Mike has brought more value to more people than anyone I know. He is always on fire to help his audience grow and reach more people. Thanks Mike.