Good Idea Beverages

What Mike Did:

Björn Öste, the founder of Good Idea Beverages, is also co-founder of Oatly, a Swedish beverage company. In 2018 their sales exceeded $110 million per year and are expected to be $220mm in 2019. I am an advisor/investor in Good Idea, providing guidance and resources for messaging, marketing, branding, investor presentations and influencer relationships. I am also involved in fundraising. The product has a great story, prevents sugar crashes, lowers insulin spikes and has six clinical studies proving its effectiveness as a diabetes diet-friendly drink. Our goal is simple, to position the business for an exit to a large Consumer Packaged Good manufacturer by increasing sales, production and distribution.

Figure/stat improvement:
Dave Asprey has accepted a role as an advisor and invested in the company which will accelerate distribution and an exit.

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