JR Burgess

What Mike Did:

As the CEO of a 27,000 sq. ft. wildly successful integrated medical fitness practice, JR was on a mission to change the face of healthcare by helping other medical practices around the world implement the systems he’d developed in his own medical practice. I’ll let JR tell you his story…

“I used to work grueling, 100-hour work weeks at the expense of my family and my personal health. We had moderate success, but I knew there had to be a better way to share my message and help more practices using our Cash Practice Success Platform. When I met Mike and learned about his systems, I immediately knew that it would be a “game changer” for us. I began implementing and with Mike’s advice, we got clear on our message, increased our prices, skyrocketed our conversions and we’ve DOUBLED OUR BUSINESS IN ONE YEAR. We now guide over 60 practices worldwide in implementing medical systems that provide patients alternatives to drugs and surgery while addressing the real cause of disease and degeneration. I’m intensely grateful for Mike and his team.”

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