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SIX Growth Accelerators to DOUBLE Your Business THIS YEAR!

Mike Koenigs team provided image
Mike Koenigs team provided image

The feedback for our “Six Growth Accelerators to Double Your Business This Year” Masterclass has been AMAZING.

So good that we’ve posted this special ENCORE PRESENTATION, with timecodes of key highlights, for the next 48 hours ONLY.

Here’s the cliff notes in case you missed it:

  • 1:48 - Tony Robbins endorsement / intro video
  • 3:40 - Mike explains the 6 Growth Accelerators
  • 4:10 - Who is this for?
  • 7:49 - It’s all about the pitch, messaging and storytelling
  • 8:31 - The two hardest things to get: Attention and Trust
  • 10:30 - The System / overview of the 6 M’s
  • 13:22 - The first M - MINDSET explained and in depth
  • 14:41 - The second M - MARKET explained and in depth
  • 17:30 - The third M - MODEL explained and in depth
  • 17:48 - Justin Donald: The Lifestyle Investor
  • 20:01 - Joey Osborne: Sell My Business
  • 21:40 - Ninad Tipnis: Living Workspace
  • 23:06 - Coran Woodmass: Billion Dollar Exits
  • 24:13- Charlie Epstein: Yield of Dreams
  • 25:28 - The fourth M - MESSAGE explained and in depth
  • 29:00 - The fifth M - MEDIA explained and in depth
  • 31:16 - The sixth M - MULTIPLIER explained and in depth
  • 32:40 - Mike explains how to 2x - 8x your sales this year
  • 33:08 - Mike walk you through our entire sales system step-by-step
  • 46:50 - How we work together
  • 49:13 - Next steps

AND…here are a few bonuses we think you’ll find super valuable.

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Bonus #1: BONUS VIDEO: “You’re Leaving Money on the Table.” 
Mike Koenigs team provided image

Bonus #2: PDF DIGITAL BROCHURE that you can model for your own business. It’s a key “Multiplier” that emotionally connects to right fit prospects. I talked about it during the Mastermind.

Mike Koenigs team provided image

If you’re in a hurry and want results NOW, take a moment to schedule a conversation with Mike's team so that you can:

  • Double your sales and prices in half the time (which can include hands on, one-on-one training with your sales teams and managers.)
  • Receive a step-by-step system process script to dramatically increase and improve your sales with fewer touches and less time.
  • Strategies to dramatically increase the price of your products by 2x - 10x or more.

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