Life Extension Mastermind

Did you know that if you or someone you love is over 40, there’s an 80% chance that one of you has a life threatening disease you don’t yet know about?

Our next mastermind event is focused on Life Extension.


Here’s what we’re going to do:

  • You’ll get a FULL body scan and a brain scan for you and a +1.
  • Each one is < 5 minutes and there are no dyes, needles and you have your clothes on.
  • The scan is from the thyroid to the groin and scans all your major organs and vessels.
  • The brain scan looks at injuries and white matter.
  • (I’m picking up the tab BTW).

The regular price for the two scans alone is $4795. I’m picking up the tab.

We’ll also have my peptide doctor present. You’ll learn the latest in life-extension and advanced healing that helped me repair a shoulder injury, speed the repair of a broken collarbone and you gain knowledge and access to simple, affordable (and safe) treatments you can give yourself that have all sorts of profound benefits.

If you want to live longer and be healthier, this is a remarkable opportunity.
We encourage you to bring a spouse or business partner (spouses LOVE this experience!)

We’ll also enjoy gourmet dinners and exclusive restaurants…and a trip to Dallas’ #1 BBQ restaurant…and much more.

Dates: July 28-31, in Dallas, Texas.

Here are some photos from our last trip in beautiful Guadalupe Valley, Mexico.
Our focus was cryptocurrency, NFTs, investing, marketing to high-value clients and much more.

We had a celebrity chef, wine tastings, breathtaking hikes and enjoyed dinners at two local restaurants.

FYI - You’ll see a “loss leader” offer at the end of the show. It’s a heart and lung scan only (designed to generate traffic).

At the mastermind, you and your spouse or guest will get a FULL body and brain scan.
Like I mentioned above, I’m picking up the tab - a $4,795 value for each person.

In addition to the full body scan for you and a +1, we’ll take a tour of a company that does artificial intelligence-powered hedge funds that are generating returns that exceed the S&P by 2x. This is groundbreaking technology that I’ve personally invested in.

I only have 8 spots left as of right now. This will sell out quickly.

Send Laurie Hull, my executive assistant a quick message if you’re IN. Her email is

Any questions, text Laurie and me directly at (858) 412-0858.

The videos on the page describe what you can expect - connections, food, etc.
This will be a BLAST and there are some serious benefits…

Moving forward, the mastermind is going to an annual-only deal and this is the last time you can get in to “try” it out.

Our last three Masterminds have been huge successes. This is a great place to collaborate, make deep meaningful connections, make deals and create opportunities

If you KNOW someone who you suspect might have health challenges and would be a “right fit” for the group, feel free to send this message to them and make an intro to Laurie!


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