When You’ve Reached the Point Where Money Is No Longer Enough…

The Superpower Accelerator Mastermind Series


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If You Believe Success Means Collaboration, Expansion,
and Constant Reinvention, Keep Reading.

If you’re already wondering “What’s the ROI?” you can leave now.

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The Superpower Accelerator Mastermind Series

From Mike Koenigs

…Where you relax, eat, drink, and play in some of the world’s most beautiful locations, surrounded by other future-focused, high-achieving, abundance-minded founders and entrepreneurs.

If you’re laser-focused on creating your kick-ass, no excuses “next act” of life, join us:

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Life Extension!

Feb 1-5, 2023

Upgrading Your Body and Health with Peptides, Stem Cells, Exosomes, Body Hacking, Healthy (and tasty) Food and Pampering!

In Salt Lake City, UT


Mastermind #3

Apr 30- May 4, 2023

Malaga, Spain

*Details Coming Soon

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Mastermind #4

Aug 10-13, 2023

*Details Coming Soon

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Mastermind #5

Nov 15- 18, 2023

*Details Coming Soon

**Your Superpower Accelerator Mastermind membership includes your choice of three retreats in any 18-month period.

The Superpower Accelerator Mastermind Is Built on Three Pillars



The people you surround yourself with define the quality of your world. If they suck, your life will suck. Creating our own ecosystem is at the core of the Superpower Accelerator Mastermind.



If you’re not expanding, you're dying. Your relationships, your business, and your purpose all must continue to grow. We’re on a mission of growth on all fronts — from life extension to the latest financial opportunities.



The world owes you nothing but change, and the only way to stay relevant is reinvention. Surround yourself with big thinkers who will push your buttons, challenge you, and support you in this process.

Membership Benefits

Mastermind Event 13
  • Your choice of three exclusive worldwide mastermind trips
  • Tickets to all of Mike Koenigs’ events
  • 12 months of exclusive training calls on topics like:
    • cryptocurrency trading and passive income investing
    • longevity conversations with cutting-edge doctors, researchers & experts
    • peak performance / alternative & integrative mindset strategies
  • Mike’s tech gadget welcome toolkit shipped right to your door
  • Quarterly books from Mike
  • Limitless networking and deal flow opportunities

Is The Superpower Accelerator Mastermind for You?

What We Care About:

You’ve done great stuff and bring value to the group
You have a soul-level yearning to create more purpose
You’re committed to growth and reinvention
You’re open, vulnerable, and coachable
You have an abundance mindset
You have an almost pathological ability to spot opportunities (for yourself and others)
You’re curious about cutting-edge technology and trends into your business and your life
You are interesting to AND interested in the world around you

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Hear From Past Participants

The best part is the people. You always meet someone exciting and learn new things about yourself and about them. It really energizes me and adds to your life. My life has certainly been added to.

 TOM BURNS, Founder of Rich.Life


I don’t even have the words for the depth of the people. The quality of the people. The depths of the souls. And the connection. You’re surrounded by intelligent, magnificent, crazy-ass people.

SUSAN HEMME, Founder of Honor Books


Fantastic event. All the energy, creativity of these aliens entrepreneurs - I look forward to all the great things this entire group will do.

DARRYL JONES, SVP, Conventry Development Corporation


It’s been a blast! Incredible people. Collaboration. Meeting new folks. Amazing food.

JOEY OSBORNE, Founder of Sell My Business & Mosquito Authority


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Membership in The Superpower Accelerator Mastermind is $30,000 and is by application only.

If you haven't attended an event, there is a one-time-only opportunity to attend a single event for you and a +1.

Your annual membership includes:

  • Your choice of three exclusive worldwide mastermind experiences
  • Tickets to all of Mike Koenigs’ events
  • 12 months of exclusive training calls
  • Mike’s tech tool welcome kit shipped right to your door
  • Quarterly books from Mike
  • Limitless networking and deal flow opportunities
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