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What to Do When You've Outgrown WHO You Are,
WHAT You Do and WHY You Do It


This FREE, What to Do When You’ve Outgrown WHO You Are, WHAT You Do and WHY You Do It, Masterclass is for B2B Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Founders only. Attendees will receive a free PDF implementation workbook, notes and live transcript at the end of the masterclass.

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About This Event

Entrepreneurs like you are driven by financial freedom, impact, and change.

Every entrepreneur (whether they admit it or not) eventually wants a reinvention. Maybe you’re ready to shut down your company, want to position it for sale or need a change in your life. Perhaps you’re an “empty-nester”, the kids left, a major life event like a divorce or loss of a loved one occurred. Or you’ve reached your “brass ring”, hit your financial freedom number and you want to live a life of more impact and meaning.

Whatever your particular situation might be, you need CHANGE and a proven framework to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Your host, Mike Koenigs, has:

  • Gone through six major reinventions
  • Starting and selling five companies with two public exits
  • A nearly-fatal diagnosis of stage 3a colorectal cancer (a clean bill of health after 8 years!)
  • Divorce, now married over 20 years
  • A recent empty-nester - his son left for college this year
  • Serving over 60,000 clients in 121 countries
  • Generating over $60,000,000 online
  • Raising over $5,000,000 with his wife for the non-profit philanthropy, “Just Like My Child”
  • Writing 13 bestselling books
  • And more…

He’s going to show you a proven framework to identify you’re next reinvention, turn it into a business, create massive impact, transformation and generate great impact with the fewest “moving parts”.

When you register, you’ll receive a FREE PDF Brochure and video to watch and model for your reinvention prior to the masterclass.

SEATS ARE LIMITED and are allocated on a first come first serve basis.

This System will work for you, no matter what your experience is including professional services, startups, financial services, investing, private equity, insurance, business coaching and advising, high-tech, software, SaaS, manufacturing, real estate OR any business that has delivered results.

A "Category of One World" ... where you are reinvented with clarity, confidence and courage to go out with a new identity and “upgraded operating system”.

The world knows "YOU are so Valuable," and your "MESSAGE is so compelling" that:

  • You have freedom of time, money, purpose and relationship,

  • You have clarity of vision and purpose

  • You are recognized as being so unique & valuable - you can't be outsourced or replaced,

  • You transform lives for your customers on multiple levels, and they love you for it,

  • You get to spend 90+% of your time doing what you love, with people you and your team love to work with,

  • And you’re in a place of simplicity, joy and happiness…

Every step is proven, actionable so that you can produce these results immediately after the Masterclass:

  • The 8 Mindsets required to achieve reinvention

  • The “Transformation X-Ray” for determining what your next state of purpose should be

  • How to turn this clarity into a business of impact and impact with the fewest “moving parts”

  • How to PRICE your services

  • 3 Proven “Multipliers” to monetize your vision into a multiple six to seven-figure business with high NET profits

  • And much more…


Mike is an extraordinary man. He’s brought me insights on how to reach people on the Internet that are so valuable. This is a man you should deal with. Take advantage of what he has to offer.


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Amplify, amplify, amplify! That’s Mike in a nutshell. He’s a passionate creative genius that can help any entrepreneur reinvent and turn their vision into reality quickly by combining business, technology, marketing, media, and platform. He inspires and motivates me in every episode of our Capability Amplifier podcast.

 DAN SULLIVAN, Founder & CEO Strategic Coach

Mike can make you a lot of money. Mike is a ninja with marketing strategies. He has so much insight and has overcome impossible odds that he can share with any audience.


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Mike Koenigs is a total badass. He's a trusted advisor and an early-stage investor in Bulletproof who I rely on for cutting-edge marketing and business advice.


Mike Koenigs is a master of helping transformational entrepreneurs like me go out, get our message out to the world, and then give us the tools so we can go change lives and be role models to change everyone's lives.



About Mike Koenigs



Mike Koenigs has been a marketing, media and technology advisor to over 58,000 CEOs, Business Leaders and celebrities including Tony Robbins, Darren Hardy, Dan Sullivan, Brian Tracy, JJ Virgin, Paula Abdul, Sony, BMW, 20th Century Fox for 30+ years. Mike built and sold 5 companies and now helps global business owners reinvent, market and build valuable products and services with predictable, profitable results.


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