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What Mike Did:

You Everywhere Now helps business owners, entrepreneurs and service professionals elevate their brands, become known experts, authorities and celebrity status as bestselling authors, professional “TED-style” speakers, productize their knowledge, become high-paid coaches, consultants and advisors, increase their sales skills, get media trained or launch a new business in record time. Our training events have produced over 1,800 #1 bestselling authors, thousands of high-paid coaches and consultants, trained hundreds of professionals to become professional speakers and media trained hundreds of entrepreneurs so they can appear on local and national television and podcasts. The digital products are all sold with automated webinars. The company was acquired in 2018.

This photo was taken from one of the “Publish and Profit” live events where over 80 participants became #1 bestselling authors in just three days. Over 1,800 people graduated and launched books through this program.
This photo was taken from one of the “Publish and Profit” live events where over 80 participants became #1 bestselling authors in just three days. Over 1,800 people graduated and launched books through this program.

Figure/stat improvement: Multi-million dollar company, built from scratch and sold in 2018

The You Everywhere Now Product Suite consisted of six primary products:

  • Publish and Profit – This product launched over 1,800 bestselling authors with digital training and live events. The course teaches business owners how to find their voice, gain clarity and confidence on their book idea, produce a catchy title and subtitle, rapidly write their book, self-publish, and achieve #1 international bestseller status in less than 90 days. The user is guided on how to use the book to build and grow a business, generate leads, get speaking engagements and increase their income, status, authority and influence. And finally, there are resources to get booked in the media.
  • Consult and Profit – This is a proven business-building system based on a ten-year platform that guides the student on powerful strategies to influence, persuade and close $5,000, $10,000, $25,000 and larger coaching, consulting and advising opportunities. For individuals that don’t have businesses, there is a complete system that shows an entrepreneur how to start a service business with no prior experience. This system and previous products based on the platform was sold to over 10,000 individuals.
  • Speak and Profit – This system teaches entrepreneurs and business owners how to prepare and present TED-style speeches to build and grow a business. It includes step-by-step modules to get booked and paid to speak, persuade, influence, entertain, educate, pitch and close deals to increase exposure, sell products and services and earn more money.
  • Create and Profit – Most business owners reach a point in their careers where they want to productize their knowledge instead of selling time. This system guides any one step-by-step on how to create a digital product and put your business on autopilot. It shows anyone in virtually any business how to turn books, knowledge, wisdom and expertise into high-priced, high value products and sell those products with automated webinars.
  • Publish and Profit Certification Program – This is a proven system that guides business-minded entrepreneurs how to start a highly profitable book marketing agency step by step. Customers were trained on how to become experts on producing and launching books for clients and customers as a paid consultant. We certified hundreds of individuals on how to start and grow a business – some of our most successful “certs” grew 7-figure businesses from this system.
  • Celebrity Bootcamp – This in-person media-training program helped business owners become camera confident, build a complete media kit, a television-quality infomercial, sizzle reel, photos and craft a brand message to get on TV, radio and podcasts in just three days. Each attendee was interviewed, broadcast and provided with industry “As Seen On” citations for ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and other major media outlets.
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