Douglas Traylor

What Mike Did:

When we first met, Doug ran a $100 million insurance company that creates unique financial instruments for banks that are sold by financial advisors. His goal is to reach $1B in sales in five years and knew he needed to uplevel his speaking, authority, influence, get media trained, become a bestselling author and become more accountable. In less than 90 days, he became a #1 International Bestselling Author, developed his TED-style speech, created his press package, media trained and interviewed him professionally in studio. Doug’s big breakthrough came when we worked on an offer story that he delivered to a prospect he had been working on for nearly five years and closed an $80 million deal. You read that right – $80 Million! That opportunity has developed into a relationship Doug values in the hundreds of millions – putting his company at a run rate of $1B, 4 years sooner than he anticipated.

Figure/stat improvement: An $80 million deal closed in 48 hours was just a start, take a look at this text message from Doug – he anticipates reaching $1 Billion in revenue this year…now, if I only would have negotiated a percentage! Doug, remember me during the holidays!

Douglas Traylor

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