Todd Eldredge

What Mike Did:

Todd Eldredge is the founder of CardioRisk Laboratories. Todd has a unique product that saves lives by predicting heart attack and stroke risk early by measuring plaque levels in arteries. For years, he’s struggled to establish authority and converting doctor and medical lab leads into customers. In less than six months, we crafted his messaging, produced and published a #1 international bestselling book, created a new package offering, increased his prices and composed a speech and offer that resulted in the highest converting sales from a single event in the history of his company. We also developed a personal, authentic and emotional core story that connected deeply with his target audience in his speech and book. He called me recently from his car with his wife, both of them in tears, thanking me for their best year ever.

Figure/stat improvement: Last year Todd reported he had the best sales in the history of his business due to the book, product offering and the presentation speech we crafted!

“I just received a message from my accountant – our business has MORE than DOUBLE the number of accounts using us this April and May compared to the same time period LAST April and May! I’m verklempt!! 😂🤩🙌Thank you so much! I believe that is a direct result of the book and the subsequent platform it created. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!”

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