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You're Leaving Money on the Table

We help you find and recognize value in your business you don't see and get it for a fun and ethical way. 

That's What a Superpower Accelerator Is.

What if You...

...could focus all your energy on your top 2% of your customers and find more like them?

...could sell your product for 2x-10x more than you are right now?

….didn't have to be the one pitching and closing deals every time?

What if those sales happened twice as fast?

Because you had a consistent, repeatable, and replicable message that could be everywhere?

And what if you could recognize and monetize value in your business you didn't know you have?

"That's What a Superpower Accelerator Is."

Our signature experience is Vision Day, a dynamic, high-performance innovation session that unfolds over two or three days. Mike Koenigs and the Superpower Accelerator team guide you through a proven system that consistently works so you can reinvent yourself and your business for maximum impact.


We value elegance, simplicity, and freedom of time, money, purpose and relationship. We prioritize family, lifestyle and high-frequency connections over scale, superficiality and "stuff."

If these values resonate with you, and you're looking for someone who "gets it" and can guide you step-by-step through the weeds so you can clarify and execute your big vision while protecting your reputation, integrity and quality of life… we'd love to talk.

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