Get Paid For WHO YOU ARE...

Not for what you do

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Capture Your TRUE Spark and
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Collaborate and Co-Create With
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Share Your Message With the
Connected Planet



Turn Your Vision Into More Impact,
Income and a Better Lifestyle for
You and Your Audience



Raise Up YOUR Being, YOUR Core
Brand… Into a ”Category of One”

How I Evolved Beyond My Business Empire

Mike Koenigs helps business owners and entrepreneurs get paid for BEING, instead of DOING by becoming Transformational Business Influencers, authorities and thought-leaders to create impact, income and a great lifestyle.

His companies have helped over 57,000 customers in 121 countries get noticed, amplify their message, create awareness, productize their knowledge, become bestselling authors, in-demand speakers and media masters who get attention and engagement while increasing their income with integrity and authenticity.

He's helped over 1,800 business owners become bestselling authors with his “Publish and Profit” system. His M.A.P. (Mentor Advisor Partner) Program helps business owners reinvent themselves, their businesses, increase their income and status.

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Resources To Enhance Your Life, Expand Your Influence,
and Elevate Your Income

Brendon Burchard
Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard

Jordan Belfort

Paula Abdul

Brian Tracy

Joe Polish

JJ Virgin

Russell Simmons

Tony Robbins

My Rule is Simple:
I Only Work with People I Love
and Businesses I Love

WHY? It’s because I can put my whole heart into you and working together will be a meaningful and useful experience that produces rapid results.

Which of These Best Describes You?


You’ve recently had an exit…

You’ve been released from Golden Handcuffs… and
You’re READY to Start again.

You ARE successful, but you CRAVE a new vision to immerse yourself in and become fully realized…

You want to build an authority, expert and celebrity brand and platform…


You’ve reached a ceiling…

You’re working in and not on your business…

You want to get paid for
“being” instead of “doing”
or “knowing”.

You’re READY to reignite your passion for what you do and who you did it for. It’s time to repackage and ELEVATE yourself and
your brand…


You’ve got a business with MOMENTUM…

Your Organization is in
Motion. You’re READY to explode… but you don’t want
to blow up!

You need new strategies to give you leverage and ampli-fication from someone who’s “been there”, “done that”.

Perhaps you’ve been missing the correct WHO and HOW…

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