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Lee Richter
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Mike is an extraordinary man. He’s brought me insights on how to reach people on the Internet that are so valuable. This is a man you should deal with. Take advantage of what he has
to offer.

  • Tony Robbins

I feel very blessed to have Mike
Koenigs as a friend and in my personal and business life… It’s guys like HIM that keep me sharp… More people need to engage in Mike’s teachings – quite amazing!

  • Brian Tracy

It’s incredibly rare to find someone who understands both marketing AND technology. Mike not only knows how to create killer video, he’s also built the modern “push button” technology to get those videos out to the
internet instantly.

  • Eben Pagan

Mike never ceases to amaze me with his ability to spot and capitalize on cutting-edge business and marketing trends, making it simple for anyone else to do the same. I simply steer it in his direction.

  • Brad Costanzo

So much fabulous information…phenomenal…It doesn't really matter where we came from, it matters where we're going. Doing the routines bring results, and we get where we want to go. I love Mike and his can-do, no bullshit attitude.


This structure is immensely helpful to me in this sea of “stuff” I have to get done. Knowing the order to do things…the specific steps to take and how actionable it is to each separate topic. Mike really cares about what you want to hear and learn about…such a diverse group of experts covering topics for any field that you want to create an impact with your platform!


“After 13 years of longing to educate, share and inspire people to achieve the health of their dreams through the internet, along with over a dozen expensive marketing courses, many trial ventures that made little money, I finally came upon Mike's training. Within a month I had renewed energy, focus and a winning idea to drive my practice to the next level.


Although I am a very successful Legal Coach and Attorney for entrepreneurs, coaches and holistic practitioners, getting in front of a camera was terrifying to me.

What I love is that Mike and his team gave me the tools to book 113 guest interviews on podcasts, radio shows, and webinars (last year alone!) to share my expertise and teach business owners how to get legally covered and gave me the courage to create my OWN podcast on iTunes called “Legally Enlightened”.


“Mike Koenigs is a freaking genius. Working with him I learned the easiest and fastest path to becoming a guaranteed #1 best selling author. And being a #1 best selling author is without a doubt the fastest path to authority and rock solid credibility. Since completing his program my speaking has taken off like a rocket. My call center new client count is way up and I've found my true path in life as a speaker. Thanks, Mike, you're the best!”


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