What if you could control your creative state at will and innovate on demand no matter what? Do you have that level of control?   WHAT IS CREATIVITY? Are you under the impression that only artists, musicians, actors and photographers possess creativity? Well, I’ve got news for ya’... it’s READ MORE

What’s your favorite country? Favorite location? What’s your favorite CURRENCY?   How would you like an audience of clients from all over the world? Singapore? Paris? Dubai? Japan? New Zealand? Sweden? India? Israel?   Imagine being able to change your way of thinking and READ MORE

Are you as tired of hearing “what an unprecedented time we’re living in”?  Yeah -- we get it, poopy diaper news media!    I’m not a believer in living in poopy diapers or stinky toilets. One turd in the punchbowl and everyone gets sick, right?   I’m ready to focus on all of READ MORE

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