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August 15, 2019

“Who do you want to be a hero to?”

This is one of the most powerful questions every business owner, leader and entrepreneur needs to answer to truly know who their ideal client or customer is.

No matter what business, industry, product or service you provide – you need to understand the challenges your customers face so that you can create the right message at the right time, through the right medium to attract them back to you and your brand.

And the more intimate that connection is, the more trust you create. Trust creates incredibly valuable brands that last for decades, even centuries. And the stronger that bond, brand loyalty follows.

The goal of this article and what I truly want for you as an entrepreneur and PERSONis to earn more, impact more people and enjoy the “Four Freedoms”time, money, purpose and relationship… Zig Ziglar said “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want” – and that’s what becoming a hero is all about.

In this episode of Capability Amplifier, my podcast partner and founder of Strategic Coach, Dan Sullivan and I give you the secrets to becoming a HERO. We discuss “how as humans, we're moving from the state of being Doers/doings, and Knowers to actually being Beings” … We’re talking breakthroughs, becoming BETTER beings and deciding who you want to be a HERO to…

Just like in any great movie, story or business challenge, in every quest, you will encounter barriers and challenge to achieving your goal so we show you how we push through them. How DO we become a “hero” for others and where can we seek improvement? I’d go so far as to say, our complex world is pushing us towards another level as #SuperBeings. We’re entering into a more complex economy and complex times, so how we engage and interact with each other, society and technology is forcing a NECESSARY evolution.

Think about it … the INSTITUTIONS we once trusted are flat-out obsolete – I think of them as already extinct…

  • Healthcare and the medical system (know anyone who loves their health insurance company?)
  • Money (crypto is changing the game)
  • Banking (show me someone who loves their bank or even know their banker anymore)
  • Government (and the leaders who run them)
  • Transportation systems will be replaced soon by automation, self-driving systems and robots
  • Education (what’s a college education get you these days besides $200,000 in debt?)
  • The military (soon wars won’t be fought on a battlefield – cyber warfare is scary!)
  • The Media (let’s face it, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC isn’t driven by “facts” or truth, they’re slaves to clickbait, hype and agendas)
  • Social Media (it’s already weaponized and soon Ai and bots will create fake content designed to sway your opinion with fake people and voices imperceptible to real-life -)

Some of the big ideas we explore in this episode of Capability Amplifier:

  • How the “breakthroughs are in the obstacles”
  • How “virtual reality” has become anti-social and people prefer ACTUAL reality
  • How when I was going through my own reinvention and new “reality”, over 18 months ago I was SCARED AS HELL to talk about it!
  • Confronting my chaos addiction to being busy
  • How A LOT of entrepreneurs I talk to go through the same exact thing because they’re “busy being busy
  • How as an entrepreneur with a strong ego, my assumption and fear was “I don't want to talk about something until I fixed it first, because who's going to want to work with me If I'm not the guy with all the answers?”
  • How I finally figured out that the more raw and authentic you are, as you're going through the process as an imperfect being, the more attractive and real you are to your audience
  • How as soon as I broke through my fear and started talking about it publicly, SO many people came to me saying “Hey, I'm going through that, too. Can you help me?”
  • Dan’s evolution, never-ending growth and learnings over his 45 year career as a top level coach.

Really important take-aways from this episode:

  1. As we evolve as humans and entrepreneurs, we take for granted our accumulated wisdom and forsake our past. Therefore we often SEVERELY undercharge for our services even though our accumulated wisdom has a tremendous amount of value.
  2. We all get exactly who we deserve as customers, based on our own perception of ourselves and our filters. Don’t let your own ego or unwillingness to ask for your true value and worth get in your way.
  3. A huge part of being an effective Advisor or Coach is listening, asking a lot of questions and crafting incredible stories.
  4. Becoming a great storyteller is an exercise in COMPASSION and EMPATHY.
  5. It doesn’t matter your age or where you’re starting … if you’re an ambitious, game changer … you can choose to be a hero to your clients for the next 25 years and beyond, but know WHO you want to be a hero to.
  6. My 2%, real business exercise. (this one’s a little scary for entrepreneurs, but a total GAME CHANGER)
  7. How we are at the very center of a MAJOR shift on the planet that we're being forced into, because of technology taking over and making us obsolete.

And, there’s MORE…Dan and I LOVE elevating and amplifying your life so click here to listen to the entire episode. Capability Amplifier Podcast.

Every other episode of Capability Amplifier is an interview with an interesting new guest. We have a whole bunch of fun ones scheduled with celebrities, the ultra-successful and people I greatly admire with capabilities and successes I want to model who can help you increase the size of your bank account.

Upcoming guests include a Hollywood talent agent, a successful business coach who has an incredible lifestyle of simplicity and freedom, a comedian you’ll recognize from your past, a woman who runs a business in the funniest niche you can imagine and much more…

If you want to connect with me directly, feel free to book a session on my “Ask an Expert” page. I’d love to help you grow your business, increase your capabilities and help you solve your big business challenges.



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