Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer

What Mike Did:

Traffic Geyser was originally launched in 2005 and represented the first automated digital video marketing platform and came out the same year as YouTube. As the product evolved, it allowed users to upload content and with the click of a button distribute it to as many as 100 different video sites, blogs, podcast directories,  and social media networks to automate the top 10 search engine ratings in as little as 20 minutes. Over the course of nearly 10 years, Traffic Geyser was used by nearly 40,000 customers.

Instant Customer was the first interactive two-way mobile text email, voicemail, marketing system that allowed users to text their contact information to a phone number or shortcode and deliver text, photos, and video. It automated direct response marketing, lead capture, podcasting, social media distribution, and IVR (Integrated Voice Response) systems in one platform.

Both companies were acquired by a publicly-traded company in 2015.

Figure/stat improvement: The company produced twelve multi-million dollar product launches including one that earned $9.1mm in sales in one week and a direct-to-camera live broadcast that produced $1.1mm in one day.

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