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The Disruptasaurus Presentation

This is my business philosophy – and an explanation of how we’ve built an 8-figure a year business on the basics of creating “heroes”, creating 1,000,000 entrepreneurs and how anyone or any business can grow and thrive even in a “down” economy.

More importantly, this video is about a unique process of creating massive social proof using a five-step “escalation” marketing process I call the “Hero Economy” that any business, anywhere in the world can use. You’ll also learn a bit about me and my background too. Watch The Disruptasaurus Presentation Now. 

Joe Polish – I love Marketing

Joe is the master of a concept called robotic marketing, the creator of the “$25k Group” that I’m in (and love), founder of Piranha Marketing and a master of sales and marketing automation. He’s one of the inspirations behind my company, Instant Customer. He’s also one of the most generous guys you’ll ever meet and one of Richard Branson’s biggest contributors to his charity.

This video is FILLED with marketing insights and ideas that any business owner can use – the most important one is how “educational marketing” with free recorded messages can fill your business pipeline effortlessly and easily. Watch Joe Polish – I Love Marketing Now.   

Digital Cafe “Behind the Scenes” Studio Tour

If you want to see the future of marketing, prepare yourself for a tour of my $250,000 studio in San Diego.

This is all about leveraging and using online and video marketing to educate and build a bond with your prospects. I’ll show and talk to you about how you can use the same ideas to share your message, your products, services or YOU with billions of people even if you have $200, $2,000 or $20,000 to build your studio. This is state of the art stuff and lots of fun! Watch Digital Cafe “Behind the Scenes” Studio Tour Now.

Life With Tesla

I’m a big proponent of electric cars, getting off the grid and reducing our dependency on oil. This year, I created a documentary about doing just that. I drive a Tesla Roadster – a sportscar that goes from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. Both the car and my house are solar-powered and our electric bill is down to almost $0 every month. Our savings are close to $700 per month between gas and electric.

THAT’S not what’s important though – what is important is I’ve managed to position myself as an expert and authority in a valuable area of expertise that I’ve never been known for and developed a substantial database and list by GIVING AWAY the documentary! Watch Life With Tesla Now.

How to Make a Documentary

One of the most powerful way to establish yourself or your company as an authority, elevate your value, position yourself, increase your value and get attention is to create a documentary.

It might sound expensive or complicated, but it really doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, one can be made for just a few thousand dollars. In this video, I use a “meta training” strategy – I made a documentary about making documentaries and describe why you want to make one, what the benefits are and how you can create massive value for yourself or your business in a short period of time by making it and giving it away. You’ll also get to watch the “Life With Tesla” documentary in the process. Watch How To Make A Documentary Now.

Tony Robbins Interview

Tony Robbins saved my life in 1996. I was broke, fat, recently divorced and going through massive personal turmoil. My business (and I) were $250,000 in debt and I was ready to just walk away and go on public assistance. After attending “Life Mastery”, I quickly turned my life around and in less than a year, got my personal and professional life in order and my company was in the process of being acquired by a $1,000,000,000 a year publicly-traded advertising agency, Campbell-Mithun. Almost 15 years later, I got to repay the favor by helping my hero and mentor, Tony Robbins with his marketing. I set up his home studio, created a product series with him and supported him with a large product launch that generated 7-figure revenue.

The product is “Money Masters” – and I got to be one of the featured guests in the series that was modeled after his amazing “Powertalk” series of interviews with world thought-leaders. “Money Masters” is a series of interviews with online marketing thought leaders. This is a recording of me interviewing Tony. It’s actually a promotion for the “Money Masters” product, combined with lots of insight and ideas from my friend Tony. Listen To Success Leaves Clues Now.

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