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The Best Business Opportunity I’ve Seen in 10 Years

April 11, 2016

I'm often asked “if you were going to start all over again and had less than $500 and wanted to start a business in a week or less, what would you do?”

I’ll explain everything to you in this message, but if you’re in a rush, head over to this page and watch this video at:

My answer is simple:

Like you, I want to make additional income every month but I don’t want to add more work, complexity or overhead to my life.

I need another business and entrepreneurial venture like I need another hole in my head.

If I were to describe a “perfect” business, I WOULD BE interested in, it would fit this criteria:

  • Start making money day 1
  • No employees
  • No customers
  • No monthly overhead
  • No risk
  • No sales
  • No follow up
  • No travel
  • Work whenever, wherever, however often I want to
  • The ability to have someone else do all of the real work
  • Real-time reports to know how much money I’m making
  • Total leverage, do one thing once and get paid for 20 years
  • No invoicing or bill collecting
  • No merchant accounts
  • No web site
  • No business license
  • No technical skills required
  • Not disruptive to my life or existing business
  • Something honest, reputable and respectable
  • Completely moral
  • Associated or affiliated with a respectable leader and brand
  • Something that positively impacts the world
  • Provide long-term freedom to me and my family
  • Something that is in-demand in an industry that is multiplying in value every year
  • Cost less than $500 to get started

Do I have your attention?

Does this sound absolutely impossible?

It should…because technically it IS…


Just imagine being able to find a business like this!

After building and selling seven businesses over the past 20 years, going through cancer, a divorce, lots of ups and downs, I’ll have to admit I am interested in simplifying my life, not making it more complex.

A year ago, a very good friend of mine, Jonathan, pitched me on an idea that absolutely blew me away.

He asked me to invest in a new business he was working on and after selling Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer, I started reinventing myself and working on a series of new products AND angel investing in a couple of companies including Bulletproof Coffee and a few others.

Jonathan sat me down, showed me his business plan, the business model and then he let me know that he had partnered with one of Elon Musks’ companies, SolarCity – in the power and energy industry…a 6 trillion dollar market. Right now there are millions of homes that WILL get solar panels installed over the next 10 years, it's just a matter of WHO gets that business.

That got my attention.

Jonathan and his team built a revolutionary system and software platform that generates leads for significantly less money than anything else SolarCity had ever done. The SolarCity execs were so blown away, Jonathan's company was given the opportunity and access to provide leads for the company by building an “on demand sales force.”

This new company has the potential to disrupt the entire sales process in practically every industry in the world – but they started with energy first – a 6-trillion dollar industry. Smart.

Here’s the big picture: Jonathan and his team cracked the code on building a completely outsourced model for lead generation and follow up that is infinitely scalable with one of the best brands in the world (Elon Musk and SolarCity), in the energy and power market.

It's like CrowdFunding for Lead Generation.

The sales story? Easy – in less than 30 seconds:

Pitch #1 (to any homeowner) – “how would you like to save 20%-40% every month on your electric bill and get solar panels installed on your house free, for no money down?”


Pitch #2 (to anyone who’d like to make extra income part-time or full-time) – “how would you like to get paid for introducing people to a business that's partnered with Elon Musk and SolarCity in a six trillion-dollar industry, pays you a weekly commission for introducing people into a business that does all the sales calls and follow up for you, pays you for a lead, then when a deal closes and also pays you a 20 year residual income for everyone you or someone working under you when they do the same?”

Um. Duh. No brainer.

Once I got past my initial reaction of “BS, it sounds too good to be true, so it probably is.”

But then I looked at everything and met the management team.

Not only did I invest in the company, but I also got involved in the business.

That’s why you’re getting this message.

As a test, I sent 14 leads into the system right from Facebook.
24 hours later, I got this text message from Jonathan:

3 Sales from 14 Leads

Notice the date on the text message: 4/1/16.

That's a 21% sales conversion rate BTW – unheard of…

7 days later, I get this email message:

$750 in Sales in Less Than a Week

Yup. $750 in sales in less than a week from 14 people who clicked on a link from Facebook.

Ok. I’ll have to admit that I like: Stupid. Easy. Money.

By now you probably have a whole bunch of questions – but my first goal was to get your attention.

If you want the whole story In 15 minutes and 40 seconds, go opt-in and watch this video:

Then you can decide if this is right for you.

Learn More About Powur

NOW – I will give you ONE caveat – and to get the elephant in the room out of the room, this IS a direct selling model – but without the work or YUCK factor. Historically, I positively hate this kind of business because I’ve found the people who get involved icky to be around, the business model feels or IS predatory, you're stuck selling products that are overpriced and overvalued, the brand is tarnished, the products have questionable origins and value and the only people who win are the ones at the top of the food chain. No thank you.

This business is different because:

  • Great industry (power and energy, 6 trillion industry)
  • Great partners and brand (Elon Musk and SolarCity)
  • A unique product every homeowner wants (no money-down power savings – everyone has an electric bill, so why not get a 20%-40% discount?)
  • A wonderfully simple business model (referral-based, no follow-up, zero work)
  • Get paid weekly for everything you do (which isn't much)
  • Easy to get involved (watch a video, fill out a form, send people to a web page)
  • Not disruptive to your life or existing business if you have one
  • A chance to get in on the ground floor.

I intend to share this with a lot of people.

And frankly, it's something I'm super passionate about. I've been driving Tesla electric cars for 8 years (The Roadster, then the Model S) and installed solar panels on my house 8 years ago. No gas bills, no electric bills for 8 years. My wife drives a plug-in Prius. Her gas bill is about $15 per month.

Solar energy makes sense. I'm proud to be able introduce more people to going solar, saving money – and make money spreading the message.


PS – there are two levels of urgency, one is the price to get involved will increase 20% at the end of this month and the second is I expect they’re going to fill up the partner network to capacity in a month or two.

PPS – Yes, I’m an investor in this company. Yes, I get a sales commission when you join the program. No, I can’t make income claims of any kind, nor am I. Yes, I am sharing what this program has done for me so far but I can’t make any guarantees it’ll work for you.

You'll know if it's right for you in less than 16 minutes.

PPPS – This is an application-process only, it’s first-come, first-serve and I’m going to send this message out to over 80,000 people over the next couple of weeks as this company gets ready to launch. You have a real chance of getting in on the ground floor!


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