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Enrolling and Selling in a Post COVID world

July 18, 2020

Are you still skeptical, confused, and scared about how to move forward with your business, life, and relationships in a post COVID world?

What if you could connect and collaborate with people you wouldn’t normally have access to? I’m talking about HUNDREDS of high-level, qualified, motivated, potential clients… 

How would that change your business? Or your LIFE? 

Think about the potential opportunity for networking, scaling, and leveling-up!

Welcome to another episode of the Capability Amplifier podcast! This week is about collaborating, enrolling and selling in a post COVID world. Dan Sullivan and I share our best Zoom meeting practices and how you can use them too. More importantly… how you can think bigger. 


Dan has had the great opportunity to completely change the way Strategic Coach delivers its one-of-a-kind content using Zoom. He has done over 100 group presentations and meetings and I've been using the platform for years to enroll clients and customers.

In fact, so much so that my rule is, I don't do anything over the phone. I haven't in years. 

Although Dan had been using Zoom for five years, he had never done BIG virtual meetings with his Strategic Coach entrepreneurs before, so when the opportunity presented itself, they went for it. 

In an effort to make the Zoom meetings as valuable as possible, they decided to introduce a thinking process they used in their past, in-person workshops. They start with three quick questions that the entrepreneurs write out for about two or three minutes and then they go into Zoom’s breakout rooms. The breakout rooms are terrific because they get everybody in a conversational mode and it's done randomly so people don't know which room they're going to end up in. It’s a chance for people to interact, chat, brainstorm, network and bounce ideas off of each other. It’s been a knockout success.🥊

Here’s the thing… I love traveling to the Strategic Coach meetings. I like the physical experience of them, but the convenience and efficiency of the Zoom meetings are really, really great. I've loved the connection with different people. I've built relationships with folks that I hadn't met or talked to before so it’s been a very valuable experience for me.

The virtualized experiences coincided with the introduction of the “Simplifier / Multiplier” concept, which is a collaborative concept. The basic thesis, for those who haven't heard of it before, is that there's one activity that you love over another activity

Let's say that you're someone who likes taking complexity and simplifying it and that's been the key to your entrepreneurial success. In other words, you've come up with simpler solutions to problems that are in the marketplace. That would make you a “Simplifier.” 

Or maybe you've made your living out of finding new simplifiers and expanded them through your multiplier networks? You’re a “Multiplier.” I’m a multiplier. My career has always been about growing and monetizing audiences.

Often times multipliers hang out with multipliers because they’re “idea people” who enjoy bouncing ideas off of one another. The problem with that is that multipliers don’t often complete things but if they get together with a simplifier, stuff gets DONE.

Are you familiar with the personality tool called Human Design? Go download and listen to this episode right now to hear what my and Dan’s Human Design types are and how this tool can be SUPER helpful in building your business and choosing your “right fit” clients.

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