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Everything You Need to Have a Big Leap Year

August 13, 2020

What if you were able to overcome your “Big Leap” barriers and upper limits to achieve real happiness and fulfillment?

What if you had a clear path for achieving your true potential and attaining not only financial success but also success in love and life?

What if this was YOUR YEAR to take your Big Leap, make ALL the changes and make them STICK for good this time??!

This week on The Big Leap, Gay and I are going to give you EVERYthing you need to have a Big Leap Year!

We’ll cover a 5 step process that Gay and I developed together to help you have that “Big Leap Year” including one of my favorite concepts, called “The Mary Kay Formula,” PLUS… Gay’s brilliant formula to increase your longevity.

There are a lot of examples in this episode that are all grounded in our personal experiences and working with people professionally so everything we share has been kitchen tested, bedroom tested and boardroom tested in every possible situation you can think of. 😉


Gay spends about 30 hours a month doing podcast and radio interviews talking about the concepts in the Big Leap. From those conversations, many ask him, “how do I get started if I wanted to turn this next year into my Big Leap Year, how would I go about doing that?”

He’s come to see that there is no substitute for willingness and commitment. Anytime you entertain any kind of change the first thing that happens is a sense of willingness and that gets you in the door of whatever needs to happen. The first step is commitment that makes things work.

Unless a person can put themselves on the line and say, “this is what I'm willing to do, this is what I committed to doing, “ there's very little magic that's going to happen. 

If you're going to create a Big Leap Year for yourself, you have to begin by cultivating a really good sense of willingness and commitment IN YOUR BODY. 

Ask yourself:

  • Is this something I really want to do? 
  • Do I actually want to transform my life? 
  • Do I want to live in my Genius Zone? 

The goal is to get toa whole-body YES! That’s how you know you’re committed.

This is Gay Hendricks and me in our studios, connecting by zoom!

There’s so much more to uncover in this episode including the genius behind The Mary Kay Formula, how I taught myself programming at age 14, how I was writing software for GM and meeting executives by age 18 and how being open and “coachable” is SUPER important to bringing your Big Leap into being. So don’t miss this episode by tuning in here!

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