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How the Co-Founder of Oatly Is Shaking Up the Beverage Industry

September 13, 2019

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, 69% of US adults are overweight and 36% are obese. Over 90 million people in the United States are pre-diabetic and the real culprit of the problem is how food and drinks affect blood sugar levels and insulin production.

What if there was a beverage that had nine clinical studies that proved it reduced blood sugar levels and inflammation? What if it could reduce the chances of becoming diabetic and if you're not overweight, it would reduce or eliminate carbon crashes after you eat.

Meet “Good Idea.”

Recently I sat down with Bjorn Oste, a co-founder of “Oatly,” the world leader in oat milk since 1994. Oatly is a non-dairy beverage company on track to exceed $200 million in sales this year. He's also CEO and founder of “Good Idea” beverages. It's a unique, functional beverage that's focused on weight loss, weight management and diabetes prevention that is shaking up the multibillion-dollar beverage industry. The global carbonated beverage market is rapidly approaching $400 billion in sales and the dairy market is nearly $700 billion.


Bjorn, who has a software industry background, joined his brother (who is the original inventor of the world's first oat milk that he patented in 1994) in 1997 and they started figuring out how to bring oat milk to the market. They loved the product, but it took a lot of education to get it out there. So in 2001 they founded Oatly and started selling consumer packaged product and he says it's been a fantastic journey ever since.

Oatly was a Swedish based company at first but right now they have sales that are exceeding $200 million and are the number one, non-dairy, plant-based, milk product. They’re presently in Asia, Europe, and the US and Oatly today is showing triple-digit growth and it looks like they will see that continue over the next couple of years as well.
When Bjorn’s brother started with the milk patent years ago, he managed to tie together a team of cross-functional, multidisciplinary scientists who are very inventive and innovative. After a couple of years, they decided to take those scientists and form another company where they started playing around with different types of innovations. Bjorn and his brother saw endless opportunities to invest in the food industry and feel there is so much to be done so they started focusing on products that deliver true health benefits, that are sustainable, and that tastes great.

One of the key things that they’ve also focused on is people who might not have weight challenges but want to prevent sugar crashes. We’ve all experienced the post-meal slump or “food coma”. It’s that sharp drop of blood sugar we get after a meal, particularly if there's a lot of carbs and sugars in your food. The idea behind “Good Idea” beverages is to prevent this from happening at all.

If you drink a “Good Idea” beverage with your food it will help regulate the blood sugar and cut the blood sugar uptake by 25-30%. That's what they have shown in nine different clinical studies and that’s enough to make a very clear difference for anyone. So in a sense, you could argue that “Good Idea” is an energy beverage because you stay energized after lunch! (Although their position really is to help you obtain and maintain a healthy blood sugar level.) And if you drink this beverage repeatedly with your food, you're going to dramatically reduce the risk markers for diabetes.


Amazon sells it directly – just type in “Good Idea Beverage” and have it delivered to your home or office. They’re also in retail locations, predominantly in the Midwest and the San Francisco Bay area where they are headquartered. You can also find them in restaurants if you happen to be in the bay area and where they’re being placed in WeWork locations right now.

For anyone that wants to learn more about the company, just go to the website There are some very funny instructional videos that show how it works, why it works and why that's important for you. “Good Idea” beverages are here to truly change the beverage industry. Email them at for more info.

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