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How To Create and Launch a New Business in 3 Days

May 31, 2021

Have you had a profitable exit from your successful business and in the back of your head you’re thinking, “Was this a fluke?” “Was I just lucky?” “Could I ever do it again?”

Maybe you’ve still got lots of energy and aren’t quite ready to sit on a beach sipping mai tai’s full-time?

Maybe you’ve reached a point of frustration, aggravation or evolution in your life or career where you are ready to reinvent yourself, your business and want to get paid while you do it.

Have you ever wondered if your knowledge and experience could help other “YOU’s”?

What if you could answer all these questions AND start a brand new, EXTREMELY profitable, soul-satisfying business in just 3 days!

Keep reading or just dig in and Listen to this week’s episode because this is 1,000% for YOU.

It’s LIFE CHANGING, especially if you pay close attention and take action.

I just spent 3 days with Joey Osborne creating his new business.

Here's the backstory; Joey started and built the Mosquito Authority franchise over a 15 year period. A few years ago, someone wanted to buy the business but the deal fell through.

Months later, Joey was approached by a number of private equity firms. So he went through the effort, learned a lot, went through due diligence, pushed past the painful parts and ended up selling to a private equity firm. 

He had an eight figure exit and no financial worries but the best part is he still has significant ownership and gets what's known in the industry as “the second bite of the apple.” 

What is that?

The private equity firm brings in professional management, helps the business grow, does more acquisitions, and at some point will sell the bigger business.

At that point, he’ll get paid again. He has a great relationship with the firm and can participate however he wants but he knows enough about himself to get out of the way and let the big dogs take over.

Joey joined me for one of our Mexico Masterminds and one night over drinks I asked him, “What are you going to do next?” He replied, “I don't know but honestly, I'm a little scared right now. One thing I'm struggling with is, maybe this was luck? I need to prove to myself that I can do it again.”

Dan and I both know that's absurd but all kinds of weird things pop up in an entrepreneur's mind, especially when you reach a brass ring. Where do you go from here when you've reached your biggest goals? 

So I said, here's an idea for you, Joey… What if you started working with other “Joey's” from three to five years ago? Find them, coach them and help them get acquired by a private equity firm just like you did? You've got a lot of knowledge and have been through the process of building, scaling and selling a company. There are a lot of Joey's out there who, like you, don't know how much value they have or how to put the deal together. 

Private equity firms need vetted businesses and the business owners to know the language of the sale. If you brought good deals to these PE firms, I know how you can get paid six different ways!

Joey looked at me and said, Let's do it! 

So we spent three days together in a workshop and figured out:

  • The Mindset of his perfect buyer: We know it's basically a “Joey,” or someone who has value, doesn't know how much and doesn't know what he doesn't know. 
  • The Market: We want to go after other franchise businesses because that's his sweet spot and businesses that are between $2 – $10 million. We discovered there are about 3,500 franchise founder/owners to target. We also focus on building relationships with other “buyers” – Private Equity forms. 
  • The Model: This is how you get paid. We are modeling my “Superpower Accelerator Vision Day Workshop Experience.” This is where you join us for a 1:1 workshop and get you prepped for an acquisition in three days. Joey will charge $50k-$100k for this plus success fees. 
  • The Message: We figured out exactly what to say and how to quickly convert prospects into buyers. 
  • The Media: this is how we amplify and multiply your message out to the world. For Joey, we made a sales video, offer video, podcast interview, magazine article, brochure and website. In a day! Plus I interviewed him for an episode of Capability Amplifier!
  • Multipliers: These are the strategies and tactics for getting prospects with the message and converting them into customers. We have 30 templates and systems we employ. On our 2nd day, Joey had already engaged some prospects and a PE firm partner. 

Last night, Joey and I were having a cocktail and he said, “This was probably the most profound entrepreneurial experience I've ever had. I can't believe it, but we just invented a whole business in three days!”

All the marketing is done and ready to roll. All that's left are a couple landing pages. It was about as smooth of an experience I've had as well because I got to work with someone who speaks the Strategic Coach “vocabulary”.

Dan and I connecting in our Zoom Studios

One of the most rewarding things to hear as a mentor is something Joey said last night; “I am so energized right now because I have total clarity and know exactly what I'm going to do next.” 

WOW. I couldn’t be more proud or psyched for Joey’s future. Full disclosure: I’m collaborating as a partner in the new company!

If this sounds like a dream come true then you need to Listen to the whole episode OR if you’re an “action taker” and want to discuss building or growing your business in 3 days like we did with Joey, book a conversation with my team NOW. 

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