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How to Find the Biggest Opportunities That Produce the Most Money for the Longest Period of Time

August 27, 2020

Imagine having clients BEGGING to work with you and saying things like, “I've been looking for someone like you forever! How can I work with you right now?

What if you could solve ANY business problem in an hour or less!

Imagine being able to find BIG opportunities that produce tons of money for really long periods of time.

Today on the Capability Amplifier we’ll reveal new thinking to manifest money (even during a global pandemic) and Dan and I will share some big work that we've been doing for the Strategic Coach organization that you can model in your own business.

This episode includes a model, process and brainstorming tool my team and I call “Content Parties” that help you solve your biggest business challenges. I like to think of it as how to make a movie starring YOU (or your prospect) AS THE HERO by turning ideas into words that can move mountains. 


Strategic Coach is in it’s 31st year and in a new realm because they've recently entered the virtual world. Part of what I’ve done to help Strategic Coach pivot and adapt to the new world order is a lot of analysis and plugging in of its history and data to output knowledge about their perfect market and how to target it specifically. 

What we've also had to do is take several departments who have been operating a certain way for a very long time, (and let's just face it… after 31 years in business every organization has a way of thinking that gets in its own way) and create conversations amongst those departments to have the same goals and ultimately craft stories to attract right fit customers. 

The end result is something every business wants and needs. It's the “civitas moment” where people show up at your doorstep, virtually or digitally, raising their hands saying, “I already know I want to work with you, how do I register right now? It feels like I've been looking for someone just like you forever, why haven't we met before?” 

Strategic Coach is in a beautiful place right now where they're making their programs available virtually, not just physically. Historically the experience happens in quarterly, one day meetings where people fly in from all over the world. Obviously, right now that’s not possible but I believe we're sitting on the opportunity to double Strategic Coach’s size!

To learn how to use “Content Parties” to create a deeper connection and community with your best customers, go download and listen to this episode right now! We’ll also show you how to use referrals to get the BEST leads.

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