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The 5 Myths About Capturing Leads – Best Practices for Any Business to Get Traffic, Attract Prospects and Build a List in Under an Hour

April 19, 2013

Nearly every small business owner, entrepreneur, author, expert, speaker, consultant and coach I meet suffers from one or all of these major marketing challenges: no list, no leads, no prospects.

That's generally for one (or all) of these three reasons:

  • They just don't know any better
  • They're confused, overwhelmed or don't know what technology and tools are required to fix this problem and how easy and cheap they are to use
  • They feel they don't have anything of value to give away online to attract prospects to their business or list

I've heard these excuses for as long as I've been marketing online — over a decade now.

I thought it would be helpful to “bust” this “myth” and demonstrate how easy it is to get traffic, create a free offer giveaway, build a lead capture page, post that offer on social networks for free and build a list.

You'll see this happen in step-by-step glory. Watch as the list grows by over 20 leads in only 20 minutes from free traffic in real-time!

I'll be using the system to sell the system — and you'll not only see how easy it is to do, but how you can use the strategy yourself and be build a prospect list of your own in less than an hour from now for any business – or do it for someone else and make money at the same time!
Watch and learn how to make lead pages in only 5 minutes in this new step-by-step video tutorial, “Lead Capture Myths“.

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Learn the “Five Myths Marketing Formula” and see how easy it is to capture, convert and close traffic into leads even if you don't have a web site or traffic

Watch and learn how to make lead pages in only 5 minutes in this new step-by-step video tutorial.

I'll show you how to create a lead capture page in only five minutes using Instant Customer AND how to use “The Five Myths” strategy to get more conversions while you “warm up” those leads into paying customers.

Here's what you'll get when you visit or text your name and email address to (310) 400-5095:

  • Free MP3 audio, “The Five Myths About Capturing Leads” ­and what prevents most business owners from ever automating their marketing
  • The “Five Myths” worksheet you can use to turn your know-how into great free content
  • A step­-by-­step training video about how to quickly and easily capture leads
  • A free report with 78 great lead capture opt­in ideas
  • Tested, proven, step-­by-­step fill­ in­ the ­blanks scripts that you can use to capture, close and convert more leads into sales with any autoresponder software
  • A bonus video training that shows you how to edit audio with free software that works on any Mac or Windows computer
  • You'll also watch me attract and capture over 20 leads in 20 minutes – REAL TIME after I post the lead capture page and offer on FaceBook, Twitter and Pinterest!
  • I'll also show you how to create a paid advertisement on FaceBook that generated 200 more leads in only two days for just $50.00 ($0.25 per lead is CHEAP!)

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