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How to Hack Your Brain with Star of “The Secret” John Assaraf (Mike Koenigs Show Episode 005)

February 23, 2016

This episode is about Big Brain Advantage and “How to Create a Culture of Heroes.” Mike’s guest is John Assaraf, New York Times Best Selling Author and the star of the movie “The Secret.” What you may not know about John is that with a team of researchers, he’s been able to show people how to tap into the virtually unlimited power of the brain.

Mike and John will talk about how to get an “unfair advantage” by retraining your brain. (John calls this “Innercise”). Learn more about John’s system and Neurogym.

Mike will also show you how to create a Culture of Heroes – a way to get leads and sales by making your customers successful. This builds a loyal tribe.

We also have Mike’s Gadget Giveaway, Health Amplifiers with JJ Virgin, Productivity Amplifiers, Blind Dumb and Deaf Taste Tests and MUCH MORE!

On this #LIVE streaming webcast, we’ll show you the latest tech trends and new opportunities as well as some tools that will change the way you automate your business.

This week’s “Mike’s Gadget Giveaway” is the “Decadent Minimalist Wallet“.

On this #LIVE streaming webcast, well show you the latest tech trends and new opportunities as well as some tools that will change the way you automate your business.

What is the Mike Koenigs Show and Why Should You Watch It?

Get Smart. Get Rich. Get Famous. Amplify Your Life. Watch the Mike Koenigs Show, LIVE!Are you a curious, motivated, ADHD entrepreneur who wants an extra edge? Do you want to get smarter, richer and more famous? Are you constantly reinventing yourself – seeking new ways to amplify your productivity, body, health, investing, business and marketing skills?

Every week, Mike Koenigs, 10-time #1 bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, cancer survivor, angel investor and philanthropist, interviews disruptive, innovative entrepreneurs, celebrities, thought-leaders and authors who share their secrets to getting smarter, richer and famous – so you can too.

Mike’s co-host, Ed Rush, former F-18 Marine Fighter Pilot, business coach and 3x #1 bestselling author rounds out the show with his humor and business advice.

Unexpected NERDGASMS! Mike tests and gives away the latest gadgets, apps and tools you can use to make more money, become competition and recession-proof.

Mike has bootstrapped and sold his companies twice to publicly-traded companies, earned over $44mm online, served over 45,000 customers in 61 countries, produced an award-winning feature film, documentary and produced 12 consecutive multi-million dollar launches. He can help you start, launch, grow and exit from a business and have fun!

Past studio guests include Academy Award-Winning Actor Richard Dreyfuss, The Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, Celebrity Nutrition Expert and NY Times #1 Bestselling Author JJ Virgin, Dave Asprey, Chairman of Bulletproof Coffee, John Assaraf from the movie The Secret, Chalene Johnson, Host of EOFire/Entrepreneur On Fire John Lee Dumas, Success Magazine publisher Darren Hardy, Tim Ferriss and more!

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