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“Help Me Name My New Book” – Survey Results are IN!

October 5, 2014

Wookies, Johnny Carson, Bruce Willis, abducted by ALIENS, Wynton Marsalis…and a MADAM!

(I promise, this will make sense shortly).
Publish And Profit: A 5-Step System For Attracting Paying Coaching And Consulting Clients, Traffic And Leads, Product Sales, And Speaking Engagements

Dear friend,

Thank you for taking time to take the survey. As promised, I’ll be giving you a copy of my new book in the next two days for the help and support you shared. I’m very, very grateful!

In the meantime, I wanted to share the results with you and which title “won.” It’s not what I expected!

In case you need a point of reference, here’s the survey link:


923 people took the survey:


(this is a snapshot from inside SurveyMonkey).

The information you shared was absolutely invaluable. The comments you shared helped shape not only the title and subtitle, but the content too!

I’ll cut to the chase and give you the “Tarantino” first – that’s when you get to see the END of the movie so you’re interested in how we arrived to the exciting finale.

The title of the book is:

Publish And Profit: A 5-Step System For Attracting Paying Coaching And Consulting Clients, Traffic And Leads, Product Sales, And Speaking Engagements

(this link is clickable and goes to the Amazon listing)

I’ll explain the title and subtitle choice soon…

Next, the book had to be written!

With your help, I used the “Publish and Profit” system I teach in the book and in our soon-to-be-released training system and wrote, published and launched the book to an Amazon #1 bestseller in only 9 days!

Here you can see it’s already a #1 bestseller…


#1 in three categories!

Day 1 - 1-1-1 of launch

And the sales are high enough to put me at #44 in “Most Popular Business and Investing” authors along with David Allen, Jim Collins and Brene Brown. This kind of association can help you get your foot into the doors of CEOs and give you access to business deals, consulting deals and much more.

Day 1 - 44 top authors in business

Next, let’s talk about the survey. My goal was to get to know who you are, what you do, why you do what you do and understand your hopes, dreams, desires and challenges.

Specifically, I wanted to diagnose what’s going on in your business and life so I can provide a “cure” in the book!

THIS IS FUN! I learned so much about you – and my favorite part of the survey is the last question where I ask “JUST FOR FUN. Share something really cool, weird or bizarre about you nobody knows about that makes you super unique and interesting!”


Here are just some of those comments – completely unedited:

In 1975, I interrupted Johnny Carson's monologue with ONE WORD, and after his immediate reaction (a scowl that could freeze the sun), he burst out laughing. The word was “Why”.

I taxied a DC-9 aircraft at O'Hare International Airport before I was old enough to drive a car.

I went out to sea on every Trident Submarine made and on one of them we had a swim call (we were able to jump off sub into crystal clear Bahama waters) with a sniper in the conning tower protecting us from impending shark attacks…

I've been abducted by Aliens for real ! 🙂

In my late 20's and early 30's, I produced as much testosterone as a teenage boy. It was a wild and crazy time since I was then and still am a woman! (It's all good now. I am amazingly normal. 🙂

My football career rushing total is 6 yards.

One time my truck broke down by the side of the road and left my friend and me stranded. A nice, kind young man stopped and gave us a ride to a nearby doughnut shop to call for help. His said his name was Wynton Marsalis, and he was on the way to audition for the National Symphony Orchestra! About a year later, I started to hear his name everywhere.

With instant customer, raised $10,000 in 2 weeks to pay for 3 people to go to the Cannes Film Festival in France.

I used to be a madam.

I once dated the Wookie from Star Wars.

Margot Kidder (Lois Lane) used to babysit me when I was a baby.

Bruce Willis used to help babysit me (he went to school with my sister and they were like Jerry and Elaine on Seinfeld from about junior high through senior year).

Wookies, Johnny Carson, Bruce Willis, Wynton Marsalis…and a MADAM! I LOVE MY JOB!

Survey results are IN – AND now you’ve learned one of my greatest secrets for coming up with awesome headlines! Just repeat what people tell you – you can’t make this stuff up!

Let’s get down to business…

My primary goal with the survey was to have a great hook, title, subtitle and make something that would appeal to you – and the hundreds of millions of people who buy products on Amazon every day.

You see, when you publish a book on Amazon, Apple iTunes and about a half dozen other publishing locations, you’re effectively getting promoted, have instant authority and credibility and benefit from being distributed and getting in front of BILLIONS of credit-card carrying consumers from all over the world…

A great book title, subtitle and cover “Wraps Your Package” – and can get your foot in practically any door and connect with your ideal customer very, very quickly….

Back to the survey – I had some title ideas…here are the results:

Which book title appeals

Ok. “Publish, Promote and Profit” was a clear winner.

Originally I was going to use #BecauseOfMyBook. That title is out of the running.

Here are the percentages:

Book title percentages

Even though “Publish, Promote and Profit” won – the comments made me realize I needed to focus on the subtitle.

Next – the SUBTITLE. This is how you connect with your ideal reader, and share the promise of your book, who it’s for, what the benefits are and the results they can expect.

I actually made a mistake and put “Share Your Knowledge, Become an Authority and Get Wealthy with a Purpose” on the survey twice (3rd and last lines), so if you add both of them, we get 37.17% of the respondents selected it.

Subtitle percentages

There were 181 comments on the subtitle. This gave me a ton of insight and I got clear on where people got confused. I had to go deep and determine what made the most sense. I spoke with some friends and slept on the subtitle for four days.

What I had chosen or put on the page wasn’t working. And I knew it.

Next, I measured the level of interest in the book to determine if there was a “Business in this Book” – in other words, could I create some great content you’d really want that might also create demand and desire for ongoing training or a product.

Useful or entertaining

How useful bonus percentages

Awesome – when you add “Extremely Useful” with “Very Useful”, we’re well over 80% which tells me there’s a desire for this…

More importantly the 349 comments REALLY pushed this over the top. Everyone who said “Extremely Useful” were RAVENOUS and shared with me exactly what they wanted and needed.

Here are some of those comments about what you want when you write your book or what challenges you have in getting started or how to use it to grow your business:


If I can become an “authority,” an author, I can reach and help a lot more people.

My husband and I are at a place where we really want to be of greater influence and service in the world, and make good money doing it. Both being published authors, we get the mechanics of book writing and design. We are looking for materials and education that show us how to take a book from a great product to one that reaches people, and leverages us into better income.

I spent a lot of time trying to get my book to make a difference but ran out of energy to work on it when it didn't work.

It is something that I've been working towards on my own and it would help me to see if I'm on the right track. Unfortunately, my biggest problem is getting to the implementation of what I already know.

If this is about how to improve my personal brand and business then I think this would be useful. If this book is about learning how to become an authority, I'm interested.

I've been toying with the idea of writing. I know I need to blog, podcast, etc. This book would be a huge catalyst in helping me to get started.

I want to promote my business, not me (want to be able to sell company that doesn't revolve around me).

It's been on our to-do list but need direction.

It will help me understand to whom and why I am marketing my book.

I have so much stuff already written just sitting on my hard drive waiting to be put out into the world!

It would bring my purpose into a reality and it would help me to bring my passion out there while helping others.

This would stretch me in a way I should be stretched.

I say very useful because the titles and subtitles make this book sound like it gives every step for one to become successful which is good. Writing a book seems scary to me even with all the steps laid out. Sounds crazy right? I think that I will get stuck in the middle and not finish or I won't have enough or the right stuff to write.

Because I have a lot of job experience that I could convert to CA$H!!

Always looking for new ways to publish, promote, and monetize.

Because this will help me to promote or start my business and put me as an expert on the field.

Packaging the services, and knowledge in way that makes people want to buy is very useful.


Ah – awesome feedback…things are taking shape and it looks like we have a winner here!


Here’s a massive lesson-something to think about

You see, you can wrap a book around your business… or you can wrap a business around your book. But really, it’s not about the book, it’s about the power a book will give you; and with it, you can access almost the entire human race, can connect with an audience, share your message, sell more products, create buzz, and have real authority and credibility in any market.

If you see what I’m doing here – I’m testing out an idea and if the idea “sticks”, I can quickly write and publish the book, use it to generate leads online (for any business, both local and online) and decide if that book should be turned into an information product or not.

Or if you have an existing business, local or otherwise…you can use a book to get more business.  What we figured out from your comments is that there’s desire and demand…

Can you see how you can use and apply this to your business? Good!

Next, it’s time to learn about YOU and who you are:

What type of business do you have

Business types
Lots of experts – authors, coaches, consultants, speakers followed by online business owners.

This is our “sweet spot” – we’ve helped lots of people over the past 10 years or so grow their businesses with our tools.


Here’s where the rubber meets the road. When you write a book – your goal should be to use it to grow your influence, authority, build a list and create desire and demand for your products and services.

When I write this book, I want to make sure there’s interest in a PRODUCT that teaches all of this. This book needs to provide massive value all by itself – and I believe it does all of that.

What did you say? Over 80%, so it’s worth moving forward and releasing a product!

How useful would a course be

The data is great but it’s what’s in the comments that really grabbed my attention.

Here are some of the responses about a product on this topic – which of these do you relate to, agree with, want or need?

How to expand my influence, and more effectively position me as an authority.

Still have my office and computer so can write. The rest of my business is on sabbatical until I find my bearing here and learn how to re-market us.

Specially the technical stuff, like how to get published or be self published, how to structure the book so it's nice, instructive and entertaining.

How to build a funnel that brings clients to us – continuously.

Differentiating my approach and getting out/known in the world in a big way.

Making money online, getting it out there.

Just getting into action with a clear vision.

Reaching more people with the keys to effective project planning & management, differentiating from the other junk software that's out there.

Becoming an ‘authority' (like you) in my field.

Building a platform/audience.

Getting mo-better clients. How to do it without writing a book! How to do it without being everywhere! How to do it without being a social media slut or PR/Media whore. AND – How to do it all without working! HA! J/K about the last one – only half kidding about the others 🙂 Show me that and I'll be impressed. I want to grow a business (LIFE), NOT a personal brand. I wish to protect my time, freedom and privacy.


How to get started writing a book.

Making contact with business owners who could benefit by my services.

Setting my business apart from the thousands of other businesses in my niche without having to compete purely on price in a very price conscious marketplace.

We just need more exposure is all. I would look for this kind of training to help us write a book when we are ready to go that route. We could use it to upsell our services from the book. Which would most likely mean if would have to be full of really great actionable content but couldn't give the entire system away in a book, then no one would need our online course as much. so not sure what we would write exactly.

Getting leads.

Getting my ass in gear. Overcoming inertia. Implementation.

Tying it all together step by step so I can finish and start making money…

Fitting it all in. The social media, marketing, video, etc.

I am a sole proprietor and I want to leverage myself so I am not trading time for money. I also want to reach more business leaders who can benefit from my knowledge and experience. There are many businesses who can't afford to hire me and I want to create affordable online products accessible for them.

My biggest business challenge is developing an online client acquisition funnel, I recently relocated to a very small town so building an online audience seems like the most likely path to success for my consulting. Using a book in that process is something I am committed to doing.

Knowing where to start. I have so many ideas, and there are so many ways (blogging, podcasting, published author, webinars, etc,) to get started, I'm overwhelmed with the most effective way to begin. Is the publishing model a “one size fits all” way of marketing? Or do different business models require different publishing steps to the system?

Not enough hours in the day to do everything – doing too much client work and not enough on my own business.

Reaching prospects and converting them.

The old chestnut! How do I find new customers to offer my products to? With so many offers on the web and with so much competition, everyone is chasing the Walmart method…. Going as low as possible. That's a great strategy, but my business would die before it gets chance to benefit. I want to charge a premium because I believe my service is superior. However, with accountants and bean counters taking a more active role in business negotiation, this is getting harder every year.

Writing is easy – promoting it and selling it is the biggest challenge.

How to get recurring revenue. Every time I get a new client and the “job” is done, I have to start over to get more revenue. I'd like to have more recurring revenue that comes in every month…

Finding higher paying clients.

Grow my client base, be recognized as the ultimate authority in my field.

Reading all of these comments (there are hundreds more), I got clear on my message, the title, subtitle and promise of the book – and the training videos I would release with the book.

Ultimately, here’s what I decided on:

Publish And Profit: A 5-Step System For Attracting Paying Coaching And Consulting Clients, Traffic And Leads, Product Sales, And Speaking Engagements

Yes, it’s not the same as what showed up in the survey results, but after reading all the comments and ideas that were shared, it was clear that there wasn’t a “winner” because I wasn’t presenting the “right” title. I synthesized the information and ideas that were shared in the survey.

It’s really pretty easy – and this is one of the things I teach in the book and the course.


Next, the book had to be written!

First – the promise of the book. This is what is on the Amazon page:

Have you ever dreamed of writing and publishing a book that's the sum total of your expertise with the ultimate goal of attracting paying clients…but it always seems too hard? You tell  yourself, “It will take me years to do…how do I organize it, or even start to design a book cover?” You tell yourself you'll never be able to get it done, so why even try? NOT TRUE. In this revolutionary new book, Mike Koenigs takes your hand and leads you step-by-step through the same process that has helped over 300 of his clients write, publish, and profit from a book in as little as TWO weeks. Many of those authors are attracting paying clients, getting traffic, leads, product sales and speaking engagements. If you follow this process, this can and will work for you, too.

I just took the ideas and feedback you shared with me and turned that into a promise I was 100% confident I could deliver.

That also helped shape up the table of contents and the content that I share in the book:

  • Chapter 1: The Most Powerful Marketing Tool in the World
  • Chapter 2: The Publish and Profit 5 Step System
  • Chapter 3: Success Psychology and Mindset
  • Chapter 4: The Top 10 Reasons to Write a Book (Even if You Aren’t a Writer)
  • Chapter 5: The NEW Integrated Hybrid Publishing Model
  • Chapter 6: Step #1—Prepare
  • Chapter 7: Who Is Your Book For?
  • Chapter 8: Wrap Your Package with a Great Cover
  • Chapter 9: Your Book’s Title and Subtitle
  • Chapter 10: Your Content – Connect with Your Reader
  • Chapter 11: Step #2—Perform
  • Chapter 12: Step #3—Publish
  • Chapter 13: Step #4—Promote
  • Chapter 14: Step #5—Profit
  • Chapter 15: 11 Ways to Profit From Your Book
  • Chapter 15: The Publish and Profit System—Are You Interested or Committed?
  • Chapter 16: Meet Five Successful Publish & Profit Authors

The whole point of the “Publish and Profit” model is it’s very different – it’s an extremely expansive concept that goes far beyond traditional publishing training.

And for anyone who buys the book on Amazon for $0.99 – I give them some really great free training videos when they forward their receipt:

  • Four “Publish and Profit” training videos for attracting PAYING coaching and consulting clients, getting high-quality traffic and leads, increasing product sales, getting speaking engagements and more

  • 11 Reasons to Write a Book

  • 11 Ways to Promote, Market and Monetize with Your Book

  • A step-by-step bonus video showing you how to package yourself and come up with a great book title and subtitle…

  • And a chance to get a FREE BOOK COVER created if you're one of the first to respond

Again, the bonuses go deeper than I’m able to in a book. And it’s a great way to connect and bond with the reader! The goal of any book is ENGAGEMENT!

Armed with the table of contents, the promise of the book, the title and subtitle, I got to work and used the same system I teach in the book and our training system. I wrote, published and launched the book to an Amazon #1 bestseller in only 9 days! My previous record was 17 days!


Here’s the new cover art that we put together using templates in our new system. I was able to choose from about 100 nice designs.


 Note – this is my 7th #1 bestseller in less than two years – and I wouldn't have considered myself a writer. In less than two years, we’ve helped over 300 people write, publish, promote and become bestselling authors. We’ve refined, tested, tweaked and made the model better.

Last month, we taught this new “Publish and Profit” system to a group of 39 people – 26 of them wrote, published and became best sellers themselves in less than 3 weeks!

Here's a photo of the people we trained – and made a new program at the same time.


The book outlines everything (the WHAT), the free videos go deeper and then there’s a course that includes all the step-by-step training (the HOW).

Imagine what a book could do for you in your business – getting leads, building credibility, authority, guiding your prospects through “what’s possible” and illustrate your genius, expertise and experience?

Your Gift – The Book For Free

You filled out the survey and I promised you a free copy of the book.

I’ll be sending you a message in the next 48 hours so you can get the book and free videos that I mentioned above. That’s the promise I made and I intend to fulfill on that promise. We’re doing some final testing of our systems as I speak to get everything prepared for you.

The book is available on Amazon right now. If you are interested and if you’d do me a GIANT FAVOR, I’d really, really appreciate it if you’d visit, get the Kindle version of the book for only $0.99 and when you do, just follow the directions, forward your receipt and you can watch the training videos for free right away!

Note: the pages are still being tested, we’re tweaking copy and there might be a couple glitches, but you’ll have a chance to go “behind the scenes” before anyone else…

If you want to wait for 48 hours to get the book for free, that’s cool. I just thought you could get a head start and I’d love to hear your feedback – there’s a place to comment and share your ideas right on the page.

I’ll be writing back to you soon – I hope you enjoyed the information in this message and it inspired you to think about all the different ways you can earn more, live more and give more!

Mike Koenigs


PS – less than two years ago, I was 2542 miles from home being treated for stage 3a cancer at the Duke University Cancer Ward getting daily doses of radiation and chemotherapy.

That’s when I became obsessed with the idea of writing a book in case I died leaving my wife and 11 year old son, Zak behind.

According to an article published in the New York Times, 81% of the United States population wants to write a book someday, or thinks they have a book inside them. Don’t you? According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, 600,000 to 1,000,000 books are published every year in the United States alone. Most of them sell fewer than 250 copies in total, while others go on to sell millions.

81% want to publish but most never do.

Most people PERISH and never publish.

How much will you regret it if you never PUBLISH?

How will you feel if all of your expertise, know-how, wisdom and genius is gone forever?

Do you have a legacy?

You don’t have to be in Duke University on your deathbed to realize all might be lost.

And trust me, I was the guy who was saying, “it’ll never happen to me.”

Yea, right. That’s what every healthy person says…until it happens to them.

Writing books have been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, my family and my business.

If I had one piece of advice to share, it’s this: don’t lose your legacy.

Love to you!


PPS – again, you can get the book and the free videos right now at Thanks for all of your help!

 PPPS – this entire article is available as a downloadable PDF.


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