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Strategic Stumbling and Shortcuts

March 29, 2021

What if there were other humans out there that could be amazing SHORTCUTS and help you solve any imaginable problem in your business? 

What if collaborating with smart, like-minded individuals resulted in something so magical that multi-million (or billion) dollar opportunities were possible?

Imagine being able to do all of this while experiencing unforgettable food, drinks, scenery, adventure and FUN.

This episode is all about creating great STRATEGIC STUMBLING environments and thinking exercises that encourage collaboration, imagination and novelty.

Dan even insults me in this episode, but I love it! Listen and Watch for all of this and MORE.




Strategic Stumbling is an idea that came from my client John Bowen.

We were in Baja on a fishing / Mastermind trip. (BTW – I’m leading another trip to the Baja’s Napa Valley, Guadalupe Valley if you want to see how these work).

My intent with the trip was to put really smart business owners and founders together, find unique ways to collaborate that they wouldn't normally do anywhere else and create some thinking exercises that would encourage this.

By the end of the experience two of the participants came together and felt that they had created a $100 – $250 million opportunity.

Since we returned, the opportunity has doubled and they now think it’s going to be about half a BILLION


A little background…

One night I was telling my wife, Vivian what I wanted to do more than anything was to get really fun people together and go on adventures to interesting places.

I love to fish. I grew up fishing. We ate out of the lakes and I have a lot of great memories fishing with my Dad.

I know Baja Mexico is fantastic with very gentle waters on the Sea of Cortez side so I decided one afternoon to put together an offer.

Vivian said, “Why don't you do Fishy Business?”

I thought it was a cool idea so I whipped up a sales page, made a short video and I texted it to five or six people. 

I needed to find people who I knew were coachable, collaborative, and had a history of playing well together but also would be high KOLBE quickstarts (because in my experience if you’ve got a bunch of fact finders in a room, it's usually not very fun.) 

The text went something like “Hey, I'm thinking about putting together a really cool adventure with some high value people I think you should know and you'd love to be with, are you interested?” 

I got five yeses in 10 minutes. 

The other qualifier was people that I had a history with or wanted to work with. I also knew these people were very appreciative of introductions and connections outside of their networks.

When we got together I organized a bunch of thinking exercises and questions that created a collaborative environment. Then the magic started to happen…

Dan and I connecting from our Zoom Studios


You’ll have to listen to the WHOLE podcast to find out about everything that went down on my “Fishy Business” Mastermind, plus a ton more! Here’s where to go Listen and Watch 

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See you on the inside.

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