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Using Events To Create A Powerful Personal Brand And Accelerate Or Reinvent Your Business

February 5, 2020

What if I told you there was a fun, lucrative way to create your powerful personal brand, accelerate and reinvent yourself, and build new businesses? Wouldn’t you want to find out everything you could about that opportunity?

I’m going to share a practical, tactical use and case study strategy with you that I’ve both used and taught to hundreds of professionals, executives, coaches, consultants and advisors from dozens of different industries.

Marissa Brassfield and I work with executives, thought leaders and individuals who want to achieve these exact results, so we created a simple, easy program to get them there quickly.

Using Events To Differentiate Yourself And Your Business

I run a high-level private advisory experience that focuses on connection, cocreation and implementation of cutting-edge technologies and tactics to supercharge your personal and business brand. The advisory program itself has many aspects and strategies, but one of our tactics that’s super powerful is creating one-of-a-kind and “bucket list” events.

Live experiences like events can become a “category of one” differentiator. You can learn something or read something, but once you've experienced it, it's in your DNA. Experiences are a really powerful way to set you, your brand and your business apart from anyone else.

Doing events is also an efficient way to force yourself to create content, practice it and perform it. That content can evolve into books, speeches and articles and even enroll people into high-end experiences, coaching or advising.

I came up with a bucket-list experience that I’m going to guide you through, but a little background first.

Last year, I attended the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting with Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. It was definitely on my bucket list and was a great overall experience, but it had a few logistical challenges:

1. The hotels in Omaha, Nebraska, where the event took place, were full. The available hotels were either restrictively far away from the event or, shall I say, unassuming and spartan.

2. Getting transportation to and from the event was nearly impossible (not enough cabs, Lyfts, Ubers or limos).

3. I attended solo and wasn't surrounded by people I absolutely loved and adored.

4. I found it hard to get a good, healthy meal. It also would have been nice to get a really great glass of wine.

What I decided to do next was to create the five-star experience I wished I had had.

Last month, I constructed an offer for a “Once-in-a-Lifetime, Bucket-List Opportunity to Attend the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Meeting with Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.” The idea was to host an all-inclusive mastermind event with excellent company, great food and wine (including an on-site sommelier) and a luxurious setting.

I sat down in my studio and shot a short video with visuals and a description of the experience and sent it out to a few connections and my audience. It sold out in less than 24 hours.

More importantly, the connections and relationships coming out of this are nothing short of extraordinary.

Here are the quick, easy steps I took to make it happen and that you can use to set up a similar experience:

• Invent the idea. Mine was based upon my own desires/bucket list.

• Create an offer (one hour).

• Shoot a ten-minute video with all the details (four hours). Mine included the irresistible offer: “How would you like a bucket-list opportunity to see the business equivalent of the Rolling Stones and the Beatles in concert at the same time? These guys won’t be around forever, so don’t miss out.”

• Create a simple application, and have your staff review it (eight hours).

• Create a checkout page so people can leave their deposits, and set a price point (six hours).

Using this super simple formula, 12 individuals (and their spouses) registered in 24 hours, and we had to rent a second mansion. Three of the people who applied have a net worth of over $100 million. One person has already enrolled in one of my high-level advisory services valued at over $250,000, which is a significant investment, and I believe that more will follow.

And by the way — two of the couples who are attending came from referrals. I made it easy to share the experience and refer other people by copy-pasting my ten-minute video into iMessage on my iPhone.

This elevated experience with high-frequency people will probably result in over a half million dollars in revenue. In short, I’m getting paid to create an experience I wanted myself that’s super affordable and easy to deliver and that has already produced over $300,000 in revenue and is likely to add another $250,000 or more with zero risk.

Let’s recap. Day 1: Invent an offer. Day 2: Create a ten-minute video. Day 3: Sell out the event in 24 hours with a simple application and checkout page. Done. This is something anyone can and should do if their goal is to create their own powerful, personal brand and accelerate their business.

In my follow-up to this article, I will share some of the most important elements of designing a bucket-list event, so stay tuned.


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