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Go Behind the Scenes on a LIVE Broadcast – JJ Virgin Cook-A-Thon LiveCast

May 1, 2015



Write this down and post it on your wall or somewhere that


2015 is the Year of the Webcast (or Livecast as we’ve called


I have been watching this trend develop since 2007 when I

hosted my first live streaming event.

Since then, live streaming video has generated multiple

8-figures in business for me…including several 7-figure


And the great news is that the technology is finally

available for anyone to take advantage of – quickly, easily

and affordably (Did you know I used to pay $20,000 a day for

technology that’s now free?).

What this means is that NOW is the best time for you to

learn how to stream video…and more importantly to learn

how to use Live Streaming Video to position yourself and

your business.

This is true for you…

…even if hate how you look on camera.

…even if you hate technology.

…and even if you hate selling.

You can use webcasts to quickly and easily…

— Sell products and services

— Produce podcasts – live or recorded online TV shows

— Make video information products

— Do interactive online meetings

— Build a personal or corporate brand

— Produce interviews

— Demonstrate products and services

— Broadcast any live event

…or practically anything you can imagine…

Webcasts can and will work for you. You just need to know


And that brings me to some good news: this month, I am going

to focus my attention 100% on showing you how to create more

buzz, celebrity, and sales with live streaming video.

No matter your business or niche, I’ll show you how to use

this ONE emerging technology to grow your leads, business,

and brand.

(And if you’re a consultant, I’ll show you how to make a

bunch of money helping others do this for themselves.)

Here is the (free) training syllabus I have planned for you:

1. This Sunday, I’ll demonstrate how live streaming can work

by inviting you “behind the scenes” on a live stream I am

hosting with #1 best selling nutrition author JJ Virgin.

Now…even though JJ and I are going talk about cooking, I

want you to watch for another reason. I’d like you to

observe what I’m doing during the interview, spot the

patterns, and then use them in your business. (If you miss

some things, I’ll explain it all to you in a couple of


— NOTE 1: The live streaming event is this Sunday, May 3rd

at 1:45 PDT / 4:45 EDT

— NOTE 2: You can watch the event at this link (it’s free).

— NOTE 3: You can register here.

2. On Wednesday, May 13th and Friday, May 15th, I’ll host 2

workshop events where I to walk you through the steps to

producing and profiting from live streaming video. These

events will be free for you to attend and I’ll send you a

reminder the week before. Unlike other webcast events you

might have witnesses, these will be “workshop” style. In

other words, you can expect to leave with a step-by-step

action item list to get it all done right…with minimal

time, expense, and effort and maximum results. And I’m going

to answer your specific questions too.

In the meantime, here is what I want you to do…

First, mark the dates above on your calendar. I have no

plans to send out a replay…and I’m only inviting our

members who are serious about this (that’s you, right?).

Second, put your antennas up and PAY ATTENTION to the

trends. Technology like Google Hangouts, YouTube Live,

Meerkat, and Periscope are leaving bread crumbs that lead to

your ideal customers. The market always tells you where

they’re going. Your job is to get there before your

competition does.

Third, I would love your feedback. What questions do you

have about using Live streaming video in your business? Just

hit reply and let me know.



PS – Here are your training dates again…

Live Streaming Webcast with JJ Virgin

Date: Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

Time: 1:45 PDT / 4:45 EDT

This is the link to watch.

Click one of the links below to add this event to your calendar.


“How to Produce and Profit from Live Streaming Video”

Workshops with Mike Koenigs, Ed Rush, and guests

Date: Wednesday, May 13th & Friday, May 15th, 2015

Time: 11am PDT / 2pm EDT

(I’ll send you the registration link next week)


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