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What’s the Opposite of Bureaucracy? The Golden Thread – Collaboration and Partnerships that Produce Massive Value

August 14, 2020

What’s the “Golden Thread” that unites frontstage and backstage, or sales and fulfillment of a successful business?” 

Think about the customer’s journey… all of the team stakeholders… sales, program advisors, coaches etc.

How can a business leader ensure that there’s a “through line” so everyone is on the same page even though they all have different motives, incentives and compensation plans?

It’s the exact OPPOSITE of bureaucracy. 

It’s collaboration and partnerships that produce massive value.

This week on the Capability Amplifier, Dan and I are talk about something that fascinates both of us… “what is the opposite of bureaucracy?” It’s something we call the “Golden Thread.” In other words, something valuable that’s held together by the thread, which is collaboration and partnerships.

In a way that's what a great “Simplifier / Multiplier” collaboration is all about. Go back and listen to our last episode, “The Tingle Moment – When Inspiration Meets Motivation with Simplifiers and Multipliers,” to get all the details of a simplifier / multiplier relationship. This episode is a continuation of that.


Dan and I have a challenge for you… we’d like for you to reflect on what you get more joy out of when you're working. Do you like taking complicated, confusing things that have way too many steps and making them very simple? OR do you see something really simple that's more effective than anything you've ever seen before, (you don't want to improve on it) you just want to get it out to as many people as possible?

That's the essence of what simplifier / multiplier teamwork is. It's where one person is really good at producing something that's simpler, easier, cheaper, better, and another person sees it and says, let's get this out into the world!

Then it really comes down to using the Four M’s; Market, Model, Message and Medium.

  1. Market: You need to know who you're getting the product out to.
  2. Model: How are you going to monetize it? What’s your business model?
  3. Message: How are you going to communicate a package of value? What are you saying to your audience?
  4. Medium: Refers to the platform or avenue through which you will be talking to your target audience.

There are also three subcategories to the Four M’s that I jokingly call, “Get Paid, Get Laid, Live forever.

  • Get Paid: Make more money (or time compression)
  • Get Laid: Become more attractive to an audience
  • Live Forever: Sell your audience increased health, vitality or quality of life

In the case of Strategic Coach, the “get paid” part is achieved through time compression and multiplication. They also promise their members that they’ll have more freedom, a better lifestyle, and be able to do more which makes them more attractive and covers the “get laid” part. And finally they’ll have a higher quality of life and covers the “live forever” part.

To hear about how I transformed my own 30+ year business from the first days of going at it blindly with brute force and no structure to the refined, simplified, value-driven business it is today, go download and listen to this episode right now

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