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#1 Bestseller! You Everywhere Now: Get Your Message, Products and Services In Front of Your Target Prospects and in Every Pocket, Screen, Car and Television In The World with the Help of the Largest Brands

April 15, 2014
You Everywhere Now

You Everywhere Now: Get Your Message, Products and Services In Front of Your Target Prospects and in Every Pocket, Screen, Car and Television In The World with the Help of the Largest Brands


I believe we live in the greatest moment in human history.

With the click of a button, you can communicate and interact with more than 80% of the connected planet.

Mobile and online technology are disrupting virtually every business and government in the world. At the same time, these technologies are raising the standard and quality of life for almost every person on the planet by providing education and accountability for nearly everyone.

More than ever before, entrepreneurs are starting their own businesses, and there are more resources available than at any other time in the history of the world.

With simple, affordable technology, you, your message, your products, and services can be seen, heard, shared, and put in the pockets of your target prospects.

Your message can be viewed or listened to on billions of smartphone screens, computers, tablets, televisions and even in the cars of every person, prospect, or business in the world with the click of a button –– and all of this can be done FOR FREE.

If you know the right formula to create engaging content, the biggest brands in the world including Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and hundreds more will actively promote, market, and share you with the world for free – and some will promote and pay you for that privilege.

Who wouldn’t want that? I know I do!

What if I told you that there was a way for you to gain access to the multibillion-dollar distribution networks the big brands control?

What if you could get your message in front of Apple’s 500M customers who spend an average of $329 per year on their accounts?

How would you feel if you could get your message in the pockets of Apple’s nearly 1.5 billion podcast subscribers?

If you look at the list below, you’ll notice that you can get access to more than just Apple’s massive customer base. The numbers for Google, YouTube, Facebook, and the other major social networks are staggering:

On iTunes alone, in 2008, 46.8 million Americans had listened to a podcast.

In 2012, that number increased to 75.4 million Americans.

In 2013, 125 Million (40% of US Population) – doubled in one year – and it’s building even greater momentum worldwide.

Check out some of these other compelling stats below:

  • There are 425M Gmail users
  • 300M Google+
  • Over 1B YouTube users watching more than 4M views per day

Amazon has an estimated 220M accounts with credit cards on file, and they have more than 20M Amazon Prime members spending an average of $1,224 a year.

  • Facebook has 1.23B active monthly user accounts.
  • Yahoo – 281M accounts
  • Twitter – 243M monthly active users
  • LinkedIn – 277M
  • Pinterest – 70M
  • Vimeo – 100M monthly viewers

According to Pew Research, 73% of the human race is engaged with social media alone. When you add mobile phones to the mix, that total grows to more than 80% worldwide.
Those big brands WANT you to create compelling, engaging, creative content and they will reward you by letting you connect, engage, and sell to their customers.


When you create excellent content, Apple sells more movies, music, and television shows. Google wants to sell ads around your content when people use Gmail and YouTube. Amazon wants to sell more of your books and products so people will continue using their platform. When you post enticing, engaging content on Facebook, they sell more ads because their customer base stays on their site longer.

So how do you partner with them? What do these companies want?

New, interesting content. Without that, they are dead.

I’ll prove it to you with a simple question: When’s the last time you checked your MySpace account?

If your answer is “never”, it’s because MySpace lost the new, interesting contest battle to Facebook. MySpace never recovered.

Amazon, Google, Apple, iTunes and YouTube learned that lesson…and they are willing to hand over their PAYING customers to you in exchange for what they need the most… engaging content.

And they’ll reward you by letting you seduce, captivate, and enchant their customers and users.


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